My reasons for being as mad as a hatter!

For …..

……I am cool as well as hot.

……I am sensible yet do child-like stuff.

……I am mature and love to show my feelings.

……I am mellow but still young at heart.

……I am grounded due to my values.

……I am real because of my candour.

……I am loving due to my family.

……I am simple as I have well-suited friends.

……But most importantly because I’m associated with people who help make me a better person, a superior risk-taker, a worthier friend, an improved version of myself who…..

Thinks in a superior way,

Acts more competently,

Loves more completely,

Smiles more attractively,

Communicates more effectively,

And is ME, more completely.

Thank you, all you voyagers who’ve dared journey, with me till today and who refuse to stay away from journeying with me onwards too!


Some talented voyagers, who choose to journey on with me and make my life so much more worthwhile……

My extremely talented sis, who has captured the radiant summer flowers so beautifully in this water-colour painting, and captures the essence of what I say, may want to say, even what I do not say in her subtle but pertinent observations!!!
A friend who remembers to send some cute token like this one which makes me feel good inside too!
My note to her, for her!
A lovely organisation, which has featured in my writing earlier and a dear friend too…respect, awe…way to go!!
Oil pastels……
Oil pastels again…….
Oil pastels again from a vivacious PYT…..such inner beauty, reflects outside too and its appreciation ensures they help me appreciate it too!!

My notes for some special people in my life…..

Vivacious, honest, focused thinker, great teacher – has been wonderful knowing her and learning from her quiet techniques of effective communication!
Level-headed, honest, extremely gracious – she has amazed me always!
A mind of her own, simple but passionate, believer in family values, honestly expressive – love what she has taught me!
A grounded go-getter, confident and a great team player – lnvaluable lessons to learn from such a young lady!
Simple, hardworking – learnt humility from her!
Amazing repartee, focused thought process, great parenting style – could not have had a better
Dependable, ready to help – precious qualities which I admire!
Vivacious, cool and grounded – couldn’t have learnt this from anyone else!
Quiet but effective – how to be that always, learnt this from her!
Efficiency personified…learnt so much from her!
Remembered her from all those years ago…..
This is one person who I greatly admire for umpteen reasons but the most important one is that she is authentic and herself, at all times!!!

These are some of those voyagers whose effective contribution to my life, I have documented for some reason or the other. But there remain, innumerable more who I remember each day and moment, who have made me who I am today. Their positive influences can never be underestimated!

4 thoughts on “My reasons for being as mad as a hatter!

  1. Mam! You are the inspiration. Thanks for introducing me in such a lovely way.💝🌻🌿🌸

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  2. Thank you Ma’am for your lovely words 😘😘😘.

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