Appreciation cannot exist in INERTIA!

I shall attempt to prove my point through a series of ideas and observations. When we were young – good heavens, I never realised such a time would come in my lifetime when I would say this!!! – one game held our fancy through several stages of our growing up years – the Word maker game. As a young first grader we had this favourite car game in which Mom would give a word and ask me to think and make up as many words as I could from that word using only the letters present in that word. Years later I found an extremely cute story in one of the Sheldon’s Believe and Make-Beleive books, we bought at a book fair which had a story of a young girl who wins the US Spelling Bee competition by spelling correctly, the word: Mississippi.

We started making words with this and innumerable more such words. It was as a competition with cousins, between me and my brother or just to quietly chill out in me-time. Years later as I started teaching, this game became a permanent ‘in-between-the-lessons-kind-of-fun’ game in my classrooms.

Thus, before I decided on a topic for this post, I was trying to write out a few pages in my diary and distractedly I wrote: Appreciation. Before long I was playing my favourite Word maker game and within a few minutes had almost 34 words from it, which I use below to put up a play of words. Each capitalised word is an offshoot of the core word: APPRECIATION.

Appreciation creates CARE,
As it removes the IRE,
Which is the CORE
Unfair ACTION,
On the PART
Of some one who is on a TRIP
And an unreasonable RACE
To make themselves APPEAR,
As if an ICON!
It is only a CREATION
For they seem PRONE,
To a narcissist TRAP,
In this fast-paced ARENA,
Where each is out to PAINT,
The other INTO
A dangerous PIRANA!
It is extremely important, thus, to RETAIN,
Our sanity as a TONIC
In between this unnecessary PANIC
And pick up our PEN,
To either get POETIC,
By writing some NOTE,
Or get ourselves to PAT
Someone’s work which is APPARENT
And allow each brethren a slice of the PIE,
A space to TIE
The ego which is TORN
And the opportunity to reach the TOP,
We can learn to give a high-five POP
And in the bargain score a TON,
By our caring actions ONE by ONE!!!

I do my bit here and there, losing no opportunity to write in or say or do something for anyone I care. When I am appreciated for my work, for showing some care, for going a little out of the way, for being there for someone dear – I like it and have a warm glow of happiness around me for many days to come. I am a normal human being and thus reciprocate in similar ways towards my earthling friends.

Appreciation exists in vibrant souls, in animated action, in bustling thoughts, efficient agility, in a craving for enterprise, in a sincerity of response, in being alive itself!

Exam time in my country is pretty stressful for students as a large number of students appear for them. Merit becomes critical as that remains the single important criterion for admissions into higher studies, into universities and colleges…….
……as a teacher and a parent, I have always looked for ways and means to diminish the worry, allay their fears, soothe their frayed nerves yet prepare them well for what we call ‘Board exams’ – milestone examinations in Grade 10 and Grade 12 – secondary and senior secondary school levels.
I wasn’t there for one such group of amazing students this year though I had worked and toiled with them through the previous three years and some part of this as well so had to write in to them last week before they embarked on their journey………my poem to them tries to take some stress off their poor souls!!!
To add some fun element and get them to smile, even if for a while, I put a Student Exam Survival Kit together for each of them….wishing the young turks all the best in my unique way.
(Needless to add Google helped but I added a few things like the exam board, the file folder, the widget/yoyo, the skates – they were just erasers shaped thus and of course my poem for every child!!)
Loved my key chains in the SES Kit for they seemed to support my cheeky-tongue-in-the-cheek kit with just the right expressions!!!
A note from years ago for a teacher, who I interviewed for a friends’ school, was found in my photo library sometime back – it bought a smile to my face as I recollected those first moments with her and how I had been absolutely right in my assessment of her in my first meeting: Awesome person!
I shared the same note with her sometime back and I am sure thrilled her to bits because at that moment in time, she wasn’t privy to this note from my side to my friend.
Appreciation cannot exist in inertia, it comes from a genuine heart and truer feelings!
This life size bouquet from a dear friend to congratulate me on an award I had won for my school still makes me mushy with warm feelings!
Appreciation cannot exist in inertia, it comes from caring deeply for someone!
Love to innovate and show heartfelt acknowledgement for colleagues who become friends!
Gave out these cute, funky certificates to one such group years back…..loved it when I chanced upon it in my photo library – I am sure some of them would still remember it today.
Appreciation cannot exist in intertia, it feeds off the desire to show genuine affection!
The Dolphins of Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia perform amazingly and then look for that special appreciation from their trainers and of course the thunderous applause from the audience too!!
Appreciation cannot exist in inertia, it comes from a craving for a honest pat-on-the-back for we are after all ‘performers’ in the arena called life cycle!
At the Penguin Encounters in Sea World, Gold Coast, the penguins expected a treat for behaving themselves and letting a group of young people learn about their special habitat and life cycle!
Appreciation cannot exist in inertia, it comes from the knowledge that our worth is recognised!
For that final bit, the Penguins knew that the claps from the participants, after an hour-long session in which they were on their best behaviour, meant fish being thrown into the water and they all dived in as if cue!!! Well, that’s what it was, wasn’t it?!!

Appreciation cannot exist in inertia, it comes from the real need for responsiveness to one’s needs – whether animals or earthlings, we all respond to positive stimuli!!!

3 thoughts on “Appreciation cannot exist in INERTIA!

  1. Superb 🙏

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  2. I love it when my writing is read and felt deeply. My aunt, who has been an ardent follower of my Blogs, wrote in this:
    “Yes”, she says, ” appreciation comes from an awakened heart and mind which knows the genuiness, efforts and perseverance of the doer. To earn appreciation is not so easy as it sounds. Even God is not spared. If man is happy on this earth, he appreciates Him. Otherwise He gets complains and criticism from man. Your description is subtle and clear. As a teacher you have always tried to win little hearts. You thought only of their welfare and always their welfare.”

    Thank you….yes, as a teacher thats what I have always strived for, like innumerable others like me who deal with kids, day in and day out!!! I thoroughly like the observation about God not being spared either – come to think of it, How true!!!!🙋‍♀️


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