Positive influences lead to multiplier effects!

When someone’s thoughts get you thinking,
About education being the actual beginning,
Of liberated ideas, a different logic,
Then the teaching of yester years was truly iconic.
A frail body with a young mind,
Opinions and convictions unconfined,
Old timers of an era gone by
Positive influences could multiply!
A well written piece of work,
Presented to a zealous young Turk,
Inspired him to give a different start
To his classwork with an imaginary part!
Being the right role models,
Can spur on a generation in ways novel,
Nothing can stop them from touching the sky,
Positive influences can only multiply!
Integrity of action each day,
Compassionate feelings to drive away dismay,
A call, a gesture to help a soul,
A cup of tea, a hug to console.
When my child sees this each day,
Somewhere, sometimes he shall replay,
Experiences, for him, should never be in short supply
Positive influences will help him multiply!
Will we strike a deal with each other?
To help each of us discover,
True potentials, true feelings, true selves,
And once again become ‘original’ ourselves!!
For fakes have a value
Only till their worth is over-valued,
Originals are only ones which classify,
(for) Positive influences which always multiply!
The younger generation needs the right kind of role models – being like a potter’s clay, they are impressionable and raw and ready to lap up new ideas, thoughts and will follow whoever shows them the correct way!!!
These ducks in Doloman Park, Invercargill love to follow a piece of bread till literally the end of the Earth, if need be!!!
Well, tomorrow’s news today!!
Observation, assimilation, understanding and then reprodcution – this is how the little ones around us learn and start giving back to their environment.
Thus it is paramount that we are vigilant and aware of what we do, say and how we behave around them!
My l’tle nephew observed a local bird one morning and ‘reported’ its sighting in this cute way!!!
Notice the: “Please subscribe, like and share. Also press the bell icon…”
We have been observant while browsing the net!!!

Or this story by the same l’tle fella – my young Turk – who finds “stories everywhere” – he read my pieces and took inspiration to write his own!
I was being a positive role model for him.
The above story is re-written by one of his teachers to make it more legible for other young learners for the moral could not be missed!!!

Way to go!!!
I always love to look at the world around me with my goggles of optimism and it then blocks out only the harsh rays of gloom, discouragement and doubt while alllowing me to view my world with hopefulness, cheer and expectation!
I wish, I wish again, I wish yet again that soon we shall be able to construct that ‘happy world’ for our kids – and my tribe shall only increase!!!

The stupendous view from the Dolomite Park, Gore!
.I am leaving my mark behind on the younger generations, I touch and attempt to teach them whatever I can, wherever I can, however I can………………
…………………..much like these ducks in Queens Park, Invercargil as they gave valuable lessons in survival to the young ducklings as they vied waddle to waddle and small wing to small wing with the elder ones for that fresh piece of bread!!!

3 thoughts on “Positive influences lead to multiplier effects!

  1. So true positive response sure leave a mark some where in a persons out look. Great

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ….yes the force of positive thoughts is often under-rated but when each of us feel strongly for one another, one can feel the vibes – the negative can be felt and so can the positive. It only makes sense to concentrate on the latter……each will benefit then!!!


  2. My aunt wrote in today and has mentioned about an ancient but very effective learning environment which existed in my country ……..
    She writes:
    “Art & literature are the mirrors of society. They portray the prevailing characteristics, culture & character of society then. Good and evil always existed in society. In ancient time – Gurukul was the main source of education. All children from the royal to the ordinary class were sent to the Gurukul. There they lived in harmony, were taught moral values and the hardship of life. All responsibilities were shared together. None can teach the human mind. The famous wars of Kalinga and Mahabharata happened. Now-a-days everyone is fighting with his or her own existence. There are multiple options. Yet, Man choses the fastest – sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he fails. We elders and teachers should help children and show them the posiitve and negative effects of the situation – try to become their role models Our aim should be to continue to their role models as our aim is their welfare. Time is the best healer, it will continue to show them the right path. Our positive vibrations will also help them.”

    Well said!!!!😊


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