F(p)un intended!

Looking around me I wonder at the wonder I see! It is there in everything. In words said. In colours around. In the things we spy. In the way we feel. In the emotions we experience.

Finding humour around me!

I saw my son sitting with his iPad and thinking pensively. As I walked in to grab a snack for my growling tummy, I spied him and asked, “A penny for your thoughts!” He, “Itne mien toh I shan’t tell (In this much I shall not tell)” As I started to laugh, he added, “ Ek -do lakh do toh maybe (give me one or two lakhs then maybe).”

Another extremely late return from office by my hubby – 10 days in a row had me edgy anyways and then the tummy would not listen and wanted some refueling. We do not like to munch away without him being back from office, but the grueling pangs needed the soup and some bites too. Amid a million irritating feelings, my son’s response from the comfort confines of his couch chair had me splits.

I walked back smiling to myself and with a new topic to write on. It wasn’t so bad after all. I heard some grumbling behind me, and I asked him yet again, if the soup had been bought up. “I’d have all 3 cups sent here Mom and you can have all of them, phir kuch baache ga toh me and dad scrape kar ke kha lenge ( if something is left over  then we shall polish off anything left over after that)”, he smirked.

Well, time flies like an arrow. Children grow up fast and before you know their lovely individual skills delight you no end.

I didn’t think that a young chap for whom everything is explainable & doable by tech and only tech would pick up an art pen to try his artist skills!

There is humor in everything. We need to perceive it thus. Similar situations bring on different reactions from us.

Waking up each morning is an eye-opening experience!

(Photo courtesy: Yours truly as I stepped out at 5 am on a beautifully lit up favourite place – mesmerizing!)

Tea has a rough time in our house. It gets mugged every single morning!

(My favourite morning cuppa transports me to another world: My space, my peace – and all kinds agree with me – green/milk/anything!)

I wanted to take pictures of the fog this morning, but I mist my chance. I guess I could dew it tomorrow!

(Photo courtesy: Yours truly, never armed with my phone – strictly off it at this time of the day – had to scramble but lost vital seconds and ‘that’ moment got lost in time!!)

No bunny compares to you. Rabbit you do.

(Photo courtesy: Yours truly – From the Rabbit hole that vantage point of my darling Munchkins as they frolic and hide inside their favourite spot: their wooden play box when out for their daily vitamin D dose!!)

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