A day to myself?

Wishful thinking…..

It isn’t about not wanting to do something. Or anything. Neither is it about not liking what one does. It isn’t about not wanting or liking routines. It is only about fulfilling your own wishes and only yourself to think about when it is about everything. And no one else.

It is also about not feeling guilty when thinking about yourself. Or what you want. Or what you want to do. Or not want to do. It is also about being with your thoughts.

The luxurious shopping arcade of the Sydney airport where the world’s best brands are on display and sale…..yet except for an odd long stay lipstick or possibly a small convenient phone carrying purse, I do not find myself desiring for the goods. My eyes in fact look for small knick-knacks which I can take back home for dear friends. The excitement of the trip, the anticipation of the holiday, being with either my son or my father are the only things which my heart desires. What are worldly pleasures worth, if one does not have a loving future with one’s family & friends ahead? We need to identify the things which are worthwhile to make moments priceless!

I love shorelines, (even though I am no beach or water friendly person) because they help define some boundaries – of where your strengths end and where despite the limitations, the possibilities are endless! Are you willing to take up the challenge of wading thru unchartered territories or are you going to play it safe? Neither is wrong but the former helps you to ‘live’ life while the latter gets you to ‘like’ life……

It always is about being different, for different makes you stand out. Otherwise run of the mill or part of the crowd is the other billion + of the world – what is the point of getting lost in the multitude? ‘Being different’ should mean, not wanting or being a mover & shaker or an activist but being that unique person who makes someone smile or feel good for no reason and without wanting any favours in return!

What is life without colors and without changes? Static and stagnant is boring…….The seasons shows us what life does too: There are the different phases, the good, the bad and the ugly but what defines us is our responses to these. Nothing is permanent except the end, till then feel alive in the your life!

What makes a picture perfect? Our mindset! This photograph brings in the happiest memories not just because it is breathtakingly beautiful scenery because I am the most happiest there with family and ‘me’ time!

Our support systems are always there – some visible, some obscure. We need to keep a look-out for those who are there for us always, root for us at all times and stand as anchor thru the rain, hail, storm and the sunshine too! The beautiful rose blooming in the Rose garden in Queen’s Park, NZ signify the essence of our life: A nurturing beginning, a strong support, conducive environment, then blooming isn’t an issue – for its not just about the genes, it is about the overall atmosphere which supports the growth!

For me it is never about the kind of road but about what is around it and who journeys on it with me and where it leads – not the destination but the direction!

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