Incredibly Imaginative!

There is a ‘I’ in……..Intention, Integrity, & Iconic……………………..….As also in day 9 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

Years back when I started blogging, it was as if my soul had found an escape into my imagination and my thoughts had found a voice. Many a times I have been asked questions about where I plan place my books – as in which market segment, or what is the plan for your Blog ( and that is a question which has not even occurred to me till then!! Initially my family asked this too. Now they do not because they have also veered around to my notion that there must be some things which are to be done for inner peace. Who sells one’s spirit? Nah! I cannot.

Stories always came alive in my imagination, as my Mom read to us. I imagined the small mushroom being a toadstool. I imagined the chestnut rolling down and knocking the squirrel from the behind and she squeaks: Ouch! I imagined the wise owl with his specs perched, much like I do now, on the tip of its nose. Words came alive in my mind and my love for the English language took deep roots.

The Great Barrier Reef under water marine life – an experience which shall change you forever for one cannot even fathom or imagine the scale of the wonderous creation!

The mind-blowing imagination of movies seen to come alive at Movie world!

When the cruise ship halts and docks in the middle of the reef – the amazing surroundings are breathtaking!

And finally look who is taking a bow at ‘Incredible’? The Dolphins, of course, at the Sea World!

In an English class of Sister Corolla in grade 10, I was busy drawing the types of moustaches and explaining to my friends about them from a chapter which spoke of them and in the excitement drew a Charlie Chaplin moustache on my face with the pen, as a friend was not getting some point. The subsequent class time was hilariously fun as Sister Corolla taught the lesson, with all of us drawing moustaches on to our faces. I still remember the aghast children at recess, as most of us forgot to wipe them off after class.

The Incredible sights of Hong Kong!

The Iconic Bluff Oyster Festival!

The Incredibly beautiful Mount Cook!

The Immaculate autumn soaked Queens Park!

My Innovative Krishna Janmasthmi celebrations with my own created tableau!

The bug for writing has remained with me since an incredibly early age and now I have graduated from writing behind bills and pieces of paper onto two full fledged books. They were my self-journeys into the realm of being a published author. Notion press helped tremendously by being there to realize the dream. Thus, I got my Iconic Icons from my first book – The Deccan Trailblazers and made an iconic decision to write a second one within a few months of the first. The Cutting Edge was an attempt to decode and understand the Indian and international curriculums in-depth through the eyes of the experts themselves.

Informed, Intelligible – definitely and safely can be said for my book!
I simply loved this quote which i found in my archive today…..Do notice that ‘integrity’ is always and only because and by YOU!!
Others do not have any role in it!

When the integrity and the intention are in place, one can achieve a lot. It becomes so much easier because everything we do then seems interesting and stimulating. I like to keep a bit of difference between my way of doing things and those of others. The differentiation makes achievements more noticeable. But again, what is achievement for me, may be wild and impulsive for the masses. I would prefer ‘whacky’ any day to staid, proper and calculated.

Insightful! Absolutely!

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

2 thoughts on “Incredibly Imaginative!

  1. Wow, glad to know about you, through the blog. I am an educator and a career counsellor so I should be reading yourbook, The Cutting Edge.


    1. Loved reading about you and your Blogs too…. it’s amazing how this medium lets one connect with such heart warming individuals like yourself and increases understandings of people and acceptance of events, so always out of our control but which rattle us….. Yes I’m sure my book will be a great source of valuable information as well as inputs from perspectives one often tends to miss and more often than not ignored completely. Since commercials weren’t involved and I wasn’t commissioned to do these books- self- publication advantages (!!)- the voices are real and what I’m particularly proud off: unedited/ uncensored ….. Hope you shall get your pearls of wisdom from between those covers.

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