Fabulously Flawless!

There is a ‘F’ in……..Fantastic, Famous & Fabulous……………………..….As also in day 6 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

Passengers on a trip called Life ? Or Life a trip through the passage of time? Either way the half truths add up to a whole one. In our journeys each of us meet people. We think it is by chance or coincidence. Again, each half-truth adds up to a whole which is destiny. Each of us cross each other’s path because we are destined to be in each other’s lives. If so is not the case then why is it that only a few people stay in our lives – connected with us while others remain mere acquaintances and some we do not even remember. And if we do remember it is because we are/may be destined to meet them again sometime.

Well, no philosophy here nor science to prove it, merely understandings of a musing mind. My mind. I have worked in several schools, we have been posted in several places in united Andhra Pradesh and now Telangana, have been part of innumerable official and private gatherings, met umpteen number of people yet its just those many who remember me and I them. My work in the education field is recollected by students and parents alike. Many have stayed in touch. Several others located my number through common friends.

Ms. Farah remembered me for her many reasons as a parent would of an educator who mentored her children in the early years. I did for all those reasons which I keep looking for in parents of the present times: to be aware of how important a teacher’s and an educator’s role is in the life of your child. Farah was the ideal parent a school could have. Her delightful little daughters, and later her son too, was a treasure for us in our pre-primary and as head of that wing we always had in her as our biggest supporter & cheer leader. Sometime ago as we reconnected, I asked Farah a little more about her thoughts and views and hobbies. An anecdote which she recollected was from around my time as Head of Pre-Primary and we reminisced of it year after year, and I remember telling my team too many years down the memory lane about it.

Her daughter on her first day of school was inconsolable and wanted to be with her parents. After some time, she started to head for the door, wanting to go out. Her Nursery teachers were alert and asked her for her reasons for wanting to leave the classroom. The little innocent darling told her teachers that her dad had promised her, as she set out for school today, that if her teachers were beautiful, they would take them home. And since they definitely were, she was going out to call her father so that the promise can be made good and she herself could return home too!! Absolute delight!

Recalling this we would let all our new teachers know and comprehend the innocence of a child and the significance of understanding this ourselves. Ms. Farah grasps the realities of being a happy parent through supporting the school due to her own learnings under her mentor and someone she recognizes has made her what she is today. The dynamic and far-sighted educator Mrs. Sarla Nair, Dean and Principal, Mukarram Jah School and Trust was her mentor whose influence on her thinking & attitude has been tremendous, she says.

Ms. Farah – a most supportive parent for school and wonderfully hands-on Mom; a lovely yester years picture of her younger daughter as toddler in our year ending school class photo with me there in capacity of Head, Pre-Primary; the fabulous morning sky today and my irresistible inclusion at all times: my flawlessly appropriate A2Z book ends…..

The girls (on the left) as I remember them from their years in the kindergarten and now (above) – Fantabulous & elegant! Zainab has passed out from her Inter-2nd year while Foeezeh is doing CEC with BBA….Way to go, Girls!!!

Remarkable attitudes can make for amazing human beings. And mindsets can make or break attitudes. I have encountered lots of people who have shown that extraordinary capacity to uplift and celebrate people. Since I believe in similar convictions, my friendships are always based on mutual respect and admiration. I rejoice in the fact that the wonderful human beings walking on planet Earth crossed my path and were/are associated with me.

Like people I find some places lift my spirits and send a feeling of happiness racing through my veins. The Remarkables Market, Frankton always leaves me joyful and cheerful. Its like a gateway to my most loved holiday spot – Queenstown. The deep blue of the sky and the crisp sun set amongst the most beautiful surroundings of easy rolling hills leaves one’s spirits soaring high much like the planes taking off nearby from the airport or the helli-taxis or the sky-diving parachutes taking tourists on their gliding journey of a lifetime!

Frankton’s Remarkables Market – fabulous environment!

Journeys take us to places which we never even knew existed. A quaint town nestled in the western corner of Australia and famous for being a fishing town with the most delectable seafood on the table is Freemantle.  

For those who love seafood – their menu is an absolute delight! I loved the seagulls who dined with us!!

New Zealand is amongst those countries which take utmost care to preserve what nature has given them in abundance – natural beauty. Conservation and tourism have a difficult relationship. When to stop over-exploiting is what becomes difficult for governments to ascertain. One of the most remarkable yardsticks to measure the health of one’s environment are our lakes, glaciers, and forests. Our visits to this country ahs made us literally chronicle the effects of global warming on several magnificent sights despite huge efforts by the country to zealously guard and preserve its biodiversity. Our trip to the Franz-Josef glacier was one unforgettable experience. The helicopter ride to its pinnacle is one encounter none of us will ever forget.

The snow white top of the landing and the lush green magical road trip – a perfect juxtapose for ‘fabulous’!

Fantastic and fabulous mean that one does not want to forget. At least I do not want to. For in the process of wanting to live life flawlessly, the intention stayed but the achievement of the intention is something only time shall tell. Yet in the midst of all the temptation to become like the crowd, I remain committed to living my life on my terms, which make me famous for the reasons which may not be too flattering but bring on a fantastic reputation of some who can be trusted, valued and loved.

If that remains then it shall be fabulous, indeed!

Weird but real – like this security guard scarecrow outside the fudge shop; like the buddies I so cherish and everything which helps me learn to be fantastically fabulous, maybe not famous! But then who cares? Isn’t it enough to be just the former?

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

4 thoughts on “Fabulously Flawless!

  1. Living life on your own terms! That’s such a wonderful concept… lovely pictures and a heartwarming post! Kudos. 🙂


    1. Thanks…. helps keep my peace of mind intact. I hit the ‘delete’ button the minuet I spot toxicity around me – then I don’t discriminate if it’s people or situations or both. Appreciated!!🤗


  2. farenaaz fatima April 7, 2021 — 11:42 pm

    Thanx , that was a wonderful description of our past and beautiful time spent with my kds. Its your guidance that have lead them to have leadership qualities and are fit in this competitive world. All thanx to their Pri Primary Teachers .


    1. Thanks for your kind words and acknowledgement!! Many wishes to them and salut to you!!


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