P – for poise and passion as poets play around with words!

O – for an obvious and observant eye for what the world may feel and see but knows not how to say!

E – for elegant and effervescent language which knows how to state much by frugal means!

T – for the tantalizing and the teasing play of words letting the thought appearances get deceptive!

R – for refreshing and reflective happening at the same time, often!

Y – for the youthful and the yonder outlooks creeping in-between the lines!

My favorite among a long list of favorites which has won me innumerable awards through school till my post-graduation ;
Each time I’d recite it, I find something new in this poem and newer ways to recite it for my audience!!
There’s a definite magic of the obvious youth within the halls of the tantalizing Uni life……
…..I find poetry everywhere!
There is reflective and refreshing ideas as public spaces are converted into learning spaces in this beautiful country!
Oh, poetry in community spaces!
The tantalizing atmosphere and the teasing sunshine create perfect poetry on a lazy summer market in Queenstown!!

6 thoughts on “POETRY!

  1. Wow! Lovely Acrostic poem! Happy World Poetry Day! And you share one of my favourite poems “ O Captain my captain” I carry the image of that poem in my heart since I read it while in school!!! ❤️


    1. Oh yes! Its a favorite of almost all those who love poetry!!! Thank you Hema!!

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      1. I love Lochinvar by Walter Scott too!


      2. Ah! Sigh!! I really wish I could rewind and go back to all those preparations, the joy, the goosebumps before going on stage…..

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      3. Where I studied we did not have much of recital but our English teacher did manage to instil a love for the language! And love I do!!


      4. Oh you sure do!!! And what a blessing that kids have you!!

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