Random Thoughts of a Wanderer!

Pictorial stories often reach more people. Not because written text cannot be understood but because pictures touch hearts like nothing else can. My life as a child through adulthood has been captured on camera by my father and I have taken on that mantel from him for all my journeys, my family and all else. Photography runs in our veins and my son has picked it up too though his smart phone is his preferred tool for photography. Years ago he had apprenticed in one of the Southland Games for schools with a very renowned photographer who soon became his mentor and very close guide & friend too.

While organizing some photographs on my phone I found some wonderful clicks, each of which tell a story. Stories from a wanderer’s diary who loves to catch one wherever she can and most often she does.

Wandering feet, some lazy sun, metaled roads and beckoning green grass……Well, the stage is set!
Gazing into the faraway perfectness, wistfully with the setting sun and the cool breeze setting the stage – Sigh, I wish I could wander on and not have to tarry-a-while!
I love my travels and the places they take me to, I love the journey into a new realization to the same destination, time and time again – Oh! yes, I love to wander in my thoughts, to my myself!
I always envy these stately black swans as they get to be in this absurdly magical setting, free to wander around, laze and groom themselves against a perfect environment!
Can anything be more perfect?
I wish I could lie down and rest over this wondrously patch-worked, a million greens shaded quilt!
I was wandering many thousand miles above it though!
Pretty, dainty, beautiful, enchanting – well, I have run out of adjectives because I have wandered yore and believe me nothing can be more perfect!
This is where the tax payers money goes and its told to them – so many new flowers, some many new bushes…..the transparency of governance is insanely absurd!
Wandering along in this immaculately manicured park makes me hate to come back to my reality!
My enchanted wood on my wandering walks!
Wandering amongst the rose garden with the lazy spring just planning to leave, I wish some of this laid-back charm would wander into our crazy world this side of the continent!
…And finally a group which calls themselves: The Wandering Dreamers – they’ve wandered together for long and hope to do it beyond the faraway times……..
They love to strike a pose…...each time they get together………
Some of them flew in just to complete the group…..they have their excuses but the wandering bug has got them all as they wander and get back together!!!

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