Unapologetically Me!

How does it feel I oft wonder when people put up pretences? Or say something when they mean exactly the opposite? Or back stab a close friend? Or do something to hurt feelings? I am not given in to too much fanfare about an International Woman’s day – IWD – because for me each day is mine, ours. It’s only in the mind if any of us restrict our thinking on this.

Woman are different from men and vice versa. Our IWD should be about teaching our own fraternity to respect, cherish, fight, cheer and celebrate each other. I love this year’s theme: EachforEqual. Love the way its symbolically done too. I celebrate each of my friends. I also celebrate myself by being unapologetically Me.

And this is how…………….

Acknowledging someone’s qualities is second nature for me, I’d do it no other way.

Being genuine comes naturally to me, I know no other way.

Comforting a friend in need is important to me, I feel their pain as mine.

Doing the right thing even under duress, is definitely me.

Enjoying everyone’s happiness, makes me happy too.

Following my heart almost always lands me in amazing situations.

Going that extra mile for a friend, makes be contented.

Hope amid despair keeps me focused even in trying times.

Immediately looking for a solution when faced with a problem is the trouble-shooter in me.

Joking about others in a trivial manner, I never can do.

Knowing the reality & details yet keeping my counsel is my upbringing.

Looking for that silver lining in all situations comes easily to me.

Modest even when I know I’m the ace, comes from my self-confidence.

Noticing the flaws but overlooking them if it helps build someone’s self-worth, I never shy away from.

Openly being the catalyst for good practises in my profession, I stand by always.

Planning everything to the last detail is an obsession I can’t do without.

Questioning every questionable decision & action of the world around me exasperates my family.

Resisting every oppressive act of any operation I am a part of is my crusade.

Silence in the midst of wrongdoing, is never me.

Toying with the idea of changing my profession, is a serious thought.

Underlying humour & sarcasm in what I say when I am furious helps me smile at myself.

Visualizing any situation isn’t difficult for me.

Walking up to a new day, each day is a miracle which makes me thankful.

Xeroxing my great, greater and greatest memories helps me keep my sanity.

Yummy baking and cooking define my idea of a therapeutic spa routine.

Zero are my regrets at being ME!

There’s uniqueness in standing out!!
And surprising everyone by celebrating everyone!!

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