My tears mean a million things!

When my eyes swell up with water,
The reasons for the emotions matter,
I know it is because I care,
For it’s not always that there’s a blur in my glare!
Tears define who we really are,
Never a weak mind, a timid intellect, nor a scar;
Though people decide that’s what they signify
I perceive a robust brain they personify!
My tears mean sad and happy too,
They mean indignant and a bruised heart so true,
They also stand for agony at apathy around,
My tears can anything expound!
I cry in happiness and in gloom,
I cry for no reason and in any room,
I cry with friends and in solitude,
I cry depending on my mood.
I cried when I lost someone who was most dear,
I cried as my son got his degree, in glee;
My eyes are moist when friends & family forsake,
They got mushy as my new book in my hand, I did take!
Tears show me a person is real,
When the moist eyes match the honest appeal,
It doesn’t take long nor too much chic
To differentiate a freak from someone who’s unique!
If you say, you never cry, think hard my friend,
Catch your feelings, the indifference you apprehend,
In the end only genuine & authentic is a winner which wins
I know my tears, to me, mean a million things!
My second book which I received today – the feeling as I held it was unique! I do not know if anyone feels this joy with me but I feel it with pride and my heart says a big “THANK YOU” to all those who helped make this possible for me, yet again!!
My tears mean a million things….today they mean pride, gratitude and thankfulness!

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