I was furiously typing and studiously had the spectacles on, at the tip of my nose, when my husband spied this title above. After more than a silver jubilee innings together and knowing my craziness all too well, I can’t say all hell broke loose when he saw the title. But I had his interest. And with an expression which was a cross between a smirk and a pout, as he shook his head in the all too familiar “what do I do with her” toss and rolled his eyes impishly.

Made me type even more furiously because some expressions and phrases have over time come to stand for mischievous & wayward behaviours. It sets many a hearts racing. I am sure my title above would do exactly this. I know.

I have seen this happen in my classrooms, with 13- and 14-year olds suddenly squirming in their chairs or even giving the mischievous smile. And I have loved those times because I have always had the most damp-squib responses ready to counter it with such a straight face that they would sit up and listen hard. The result has been that my class has then always learnt to deal with such things in the most mature ways and even have open hearted discussions about it. Needless to add that I have always throughout my career taught in co-ed schools.

My interpretation today of FALLING IN LOVE……is about every small little thing which happens in my life, it’s about life itself, it’s about being myself, it’s about celebrating everything.

Read on, I implore you all with your heartbeat a – racing….

With my own peace of mind,
With any book which I may find;
With being able to have choices,
With adding weightage to voices;
With the sound of my feet walking away,
From drama on life’s highway;
With routines which help me grow,
With people who help me with happiness glow;
With small blessings which happen my way,
With people extending their kindness every day;
With surprising the world around,
With my resilience, never slowing down;
With my solitude & thoughts,
With taking, at the world, sarcastic pot-shots;
With expressing my views fearlessly,
With telling everyone not to take it personally!
With saying out loud the prickliest stuff,
With remarks which seem always off-the-cuff;
With being comfortable in my own skin,
With being my own life’s kingpin;
With lending words to things others want to say but can’t,
With an unnerving clarity in my every chant;
With people who care and give without reason,
With a heart which cares in every season;
With friends who pardon my every folly,
With a heart of the most faithful collie;
With my family every day,
As they exonerate me and see no grey!
With all those wonderous folks,
Who in humanity, keep alive my hopes;
With souls who say what they mean,
With thoughts clean and not in-between.
With those who support all of us,
Who lend a voice & words to everything with guts!
And lastly,
Falling in love with myself for not becoming,
Someone untrustworthy & disgusting,
But remaining grounded and myself,
And an author too, with a book on the bookshelf!!   
My Book: The Deccan Trailblazers – Education Icons of Hyderabad
A dear friend who patiently listened every time I wanted to share something – Thanks, Maitri!
An old student and an ICON from my book – Dr. Rajiv
ICONS from my book: (from left to right)
Mrs. Anjali Razdan, Mrs. Usha Reddy, Mr. Dhananjay & Mrs. Dhananjay, Mrs. Seetha Murty
ICONS from my book: (from left to right)
Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Ms. Akihla (Team dirty Feet), Mrs. Adilakshmi, Mrs. Renu Shorey (extreme right)
ICONS from my book:
Mr. Skand Bali (extreme left), Ms. Rubina Majid (center)
Yes, it was enough to make me FALL in LOVE with writing!

Coming soon is my new book: The Cutting Edge – Iconic Schools, Noteworthy Curricula, Extraordinary Strategies – a book decoding the tactics, approaches, stratagems, plans and the happiness involved in the blueprint of school operations.

2 thoughts on “FALLING IN LOVE…………

  1. Like it and keep them coming!!


    1. Sure…….at it!……. with encouragement from dear friends like you!


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