What being a teacher should mean to us!

  In all fairness, the wisdom has dawned
After half a century on planet Earth.
Earlier I was also on the other side
Wishing all would stop being our guide!
But one thing was sure as the rising sun,
That each time someone spoke, we listened hard;
It gave us insights into a person’s wisdom,
Which helped us to better grasp & deduce the system!
Over a period, it became a passion,
As years added the grey hair, we caught the drift;
Each child was different, every school distinct,
But the only constant was a good teacher’s imprint!

Soon the back-bench doodles gave way to yearly plans,
The ideas got turned to real shows,
The subject expertise transformed to proficient specialization
Another bright & savvy teacher had arrived on the nation's teaching-scape!
Over two decades and counting, countless days of making things work,
Endless fretting over new ideas, touching learning;
Gaining nicknames which were flattering & mean,
Yet with each passing year we gained sagacity & acumen to stay on the scene.
With endless years inside a classroom & a school,
The psyche of a discerning academic has acquired a sixth sense
And what is marveled as prudence & aptitude
Comes from honesty & steadfastness of a passion of enormous magnitude!
Being tough, fearless & spirited comes with a price,
Some qualities admired, other interpreted as sassy;
The challenge thus never was about proving yourself,
But bracing the odds in a china shop or sitting atop a shelf.
The job and description about a teacher have changed,
What you teach is not as important as how you do it,
The textual concepts will help them pass a curriculum exam
But have we made them dexterous enough to face the world’s exam?
Address some or all of the above questions
And I’m sure you’d have the answers to the one’s I’ve asked;
Do share with me your findings & results
As the astuteness from your concurrence, will into another ‘gyani’ league, help me catapult!

Happy Teacher’s Day, to all who think they are teachers in some way of the other, each day!

The far away skyline helps one to view everything in a larger perspective – should we as teachers keep our focus thus?
Is history worth remembering? Does the past teach us lessons we must not forget?
I guess so!
The view from the top can help keep the right things in focus and perspective, we must only know what to focus on!
Some special people who continue to inspire me and make me a better ME, each day!
Thanks Buddy!
Teachers who made a difference and continue to, each time they enter their classrooms!
Some newer acquaintances, who have left impacts which are different and way beyond the established expectations!
Yet some more who leave impressions and touch the teaching through their hearts!
May their tribe increase!
Some youngsters who are an inspiration!
…so many who inspired me to write about them!

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