To my Prime Minister

  To my Prime Minister,
Salut, Namaskar, Congrats & Jai Hind!
Your win has your signature,
And a billion Indians cheering from behind.
In all this jubilation,
Do remember the common Indian,
For whom the children are the foundation
And their future the prime consideration.
Keep in mind that this future of ours
Needs security of jobs & chances,
Safety, trade & industry thru your power
To make it happen for India’s masses.
The time is less, for every minute wasted,
Is vital opportunity lost,
Do remain in this victory elated,
But please, don’t forget the incremental cost!
For each of us India is dear,
Dearer still is our peace of mind,
We have given our verdict crystal clear,
My Prime Minister,
We now want to see what legacy you want to finally leave behind!
The verdict is out!!!
Congrats! Namaskar! Jai Hind!

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