Why it will always be important!

 Certain things will remain
The most pertinent always,
Even when it shall bother no one,
As it is important despite the malaise.
To care for family, to love
Make small gestures the big ones,
Even when it shall seem naive,
It remains important despite the waging tongues.
Making your worry mine,
Going that extra mile,
Even if it shall seem unwise,
It is important to care, despite being branded juvenile.
Standing up for the voiceless,
Being the right in all the wrong,
Even if it seems futile,
It’s important to try despite the apathy all along.
Being righteous and feeling for everything,
The country, people and its systems,
Even if it’s thought-off as pointless,
It is important for my conscience despite the apathetic resistance.
It is important as this is not what I want
To leave behind as my legacy,
Not what I want my child to have & not cherish,
Thus, it’s important for me to have my ‘intention’ integrity.
Whether it is this …….
…or this……
…or this…….
…..or this…………
…It always hurts!!
For I love my country and the freedom of choices it offers me but there are miles to go before we can make thinking, living, caring, feeling for it our way of life – this is what hurts for we end up thinking of the ‘now’ and forget about the ‘tomorrow’, we believe in empty rhetoric and never appreciate the quiet but significant work, we see the ‘marketing’ of ideas which never happen and miss out the work of ordinary citizens, we turn a deaf ear & a blind eye, if it’s not about us but never shy from giving opinions on a how to make the world a better place, we appreciate the sincerity, the genuineness, the honesty when we travel the world but are impassive to its absence on our own soil……………
…and its even more sad when a country with a very recent origin and a length and breadth which is hardly more than 50 x 26 kilometers (approximately; I hope I got it right!!) has been a trailblazer in all fields – economic, political, social, education – boasting of firsts in several fields, only because of one thing: integrity of intention!
The world’s largest indoor waterfall @ the Jewel, Singapore!

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