My A to Z Learner Antidote profiles through pictures!

A is for Acceptance

Acceptance of all in our environment like the ducks which co-exist together in the serene waters of Queens Park, NZ

B is for Balance

The right Balance, as in a hearty meal – the good existing with the not-so-good
– but awesomely tasty!

C is for Change

The Changing colors of fall – isn’t change inevitable?

D is for Demonstration

Demonstration of love transcends all beings – from human to animals – the language of love is the same……………the ducklings being guided and taken care off by the rest of the clan!

E is for Energizing

Energizing to play the game of Jenga in such amazing environs!

F is for Feeling

The amazing Feeling of elation & happiness as moods get uplifted at vacation time!!!

G is for Generosity

Generosity isn’t only in a helping of yummy food but in an attitude of giving without restraint!

H is for Honesty

Honesty in work, whenever, whatever, however we may be doing and for whoever we may be doing it for……….

I is for Independence

Independence can mean a million things – I am keeping it simple: Independence for me is Freedom of thought, will and action – and my country allows me all of this and more!

J is for Jubilant

Celebrations of all kinds lead to Jubilation – Christmas trees always bring on a cheer unmatched!

K is for Knowledgeable

The museum wall in the Southland Museum has Knowledgeable inputs and observations from the little and not-so-little visitors alike – displays should stir you up to think, to question, to reflect!

L is for Levelheadedness

Levelheadedness is evident, as the mountain cow relaxes in its magical environs, while we were getting all hyper around it in awe!

M is for Memorable

Family makes trips Memorable but when the beautiful environs pitch in then its pure magic!

N is for Noteworthy

Noteworthy in all aspects – products, elegant decor, their story!
Lavender farm, Wanaka, NZ

O is for Outstanding

Outstanding pictures from very angle – makes it a photographer’s delight!!

P is for Polished

Moments which are Polished with serenity, calmness and beauty are priceless….

Q is for Quiet

Quiet time to chill, relax, reflect and rejuvenate oneself is both essential and mandatory at the same time!
Quietly surveying and guarding a beautiful field!

R is for Respectful

Respectful of a world which has been gifted to us – unique in a myriad ways!
Great Barrier reef’s underwater walk!

S is for Sensitive

Sensitive to the need to preserve the fragility of our environment – not just in fits and starts but as a way of daily life!
Great Barrier reef, Australia

T is for Talented

Talented like the creator – need we say more?

U is for Unique

Uniqueness of conceptualization!
Lavender Farm, Wanaka, New Zealand

V is for Vivacious

The blooms are Vivacious and their charm spills over to the rest of us as well!

W is for Warmhearted

The Warmhearted glow of serenity & prayer!
Hong Kong

X is for Xenial

Xenial co-existing at the Caversham Wild life Park, Perth!

Y is for Youthful

Youthful and alert the Scarecrow stands vigilant!

Z is for Zestful

Zestful, vibrant, lively, flashy……the list is endless and I continue to use exclamatory words to describe the tulips!

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