Shock – will it move you?

Shaken out of slumber,
Handicapped by heartlessness,
Opinionated and obstinate,
Can the callousness be checked?
Kept kindly and kindhearted?
Shout out for sensitivity,
Handhold heroically with hope,
Outstanding and optimistic,
Captivating and charming,
Keep the thought kind.
Selfless sincerity of action,
Hope from the heart,
Overjoyed will leave a soul,
Can we give this to another?
Keeping it simple and kindling hope for someone lost!
Smashing all stereotypes,
Happiness filled in my heart,
Open to original ideas,
Call of duty so to say
Keeping an open mind, I kill…….

The SHOCK with Sparkling Heartfelt Optimism Consisting of Kindness itself!

The vibrant colors of the flowers growing in the wild ‘shock’ one into dis-belief!
The sharp color of the lavender flower contrasts with its mild flowery flavor, ‘shocking’ us into absorbing its delight!
The multi-colored parrots tweeting away ‘shock’ us too, as we assimilate their umpteen colors!
Can there be something so surreal, so pure, so magical – the ‘shock’ just doesn’t wear-off on any of the trails in New Zealand!

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