Does our ‘inside’ determine our ‘outside’? Or…….?

An odd forward from a friend got me to think of this – acknowledging the anonymous forward: Salut!

Our outside, the exterior, our reactions, our conduct of ourselves in different situations shows what we are inside, what our backgrounds are, what were the ethos of our growing up years, what did we assimilate from our influences. Very often when I see people react or do certain things or behave in certain ways – I start to gauge what makes them do it that way for according to me it always is a reflection of what we’ve seen, the influences around us and the situations as we encountered them, moments as we faced them as we were growing up….that make us react in the ways we do.

If some one rejoices in another’s achievement or moment of triumph, it is because that person can think of others before self.

If someone feels another’s pain and heart-break and agony as their own affliction, it is because that person has got the capability of feeling the wretchedness as their own.

 If someone gets distraught when being misunderstood even after being genuine – its not because that person is a bitter person but because the learning has been that work or love must be done sincerely and authentically as opposed to hypocritically.

If someone goes out of the way to help others with zero expectation in return, its rarely due to a want for the spotlight and usually because they are genuine & pure of heart.

If someone understands the sentiments of what another person is articulating in all its legitimacy and reacts with responsibility, its because that person can see beyond self-centeredness.

By way of explanation it would mean that what the world in my vicinity, now perceives as an exception, for some folks around the world is a way of life.

So, should this kind of realness be given up for the more accepted form of behaviour?

The jury can be out, but the fact will remain that it will and is because of such noble and pure souls that people continue to believe in humanness and sanity prevails in our society because the faith is kept alive that all is not lost!!!

If I am an orange, I shall give just an orange juice, no doubt but if I am a spoilt, fungus infected orange going bad inside, my juice shall be contaminated & impure as well!

I see people’s reaction to situations, circumstances, settings, positions, people, emotions – the whole Jing-bang of being an alive humanoid – and judge or ascertain what the background is. I do not do it the other way around.

In short, for me the outside helps me establish what’s inside. And I am not alone.

The exterior is worth a photograph for I know whats behind that awesome view!!!

16 thoughts on “Does our ‘inside’ determine our ‘outside’? Or…….?

  1. Rightly said …mighty writer 😃

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  2. Brig Daniel Saldanha January 31, 2019 — 4:22 am

    Good read and makes one think about self and ones actions. Sometimes we are surprised ourselves of our actions in certain circumstances. It is difficult to gauze the inside by merely looking at the exterior.
    Thank you

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    1. True sometimes peopel who are fake put up a facade, a mask….but even that tells us about thier ‘inside’ so to say. For a genuine person would hardly be deceptive……..But you do have apoint, Uncle!!!👍


  3. We are living in the world where self-centredness is appreciated rather if a person processes this quality is considered strong person.Relationships have no commitment.we justify our actions .so how do you expect to be inside outside rate race we are we are running to achieve materialistic goals.In the process have become victims of serious illnesses and mental well being deteriorating .So let wisdom prevail we take help or guidance of Social reformers or Religious Texts who will guide the human population to be truthful ,caring, loving, patient etc.Our inside out will be one one day…..

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    1. Well, Amrita – the ‘strong person’ would in any case be mentally robust and tenacious because then that person’s outside demeanour would reflect their ‘strong’ interior – so they’d be resilient as well in the face of ‘materialism’, ‘rat race’ , etc. as you point out.
      Agreed it leads to stress when you are the odd one out and mental & physical well-being is affetced….each has their own way of dealing with it and one cannot be judgemental about it, for one size can never fit all!!!
      Thanks a ton for your thoughts….amazing!!!!


      1. Well I don’t want to win an argument!!!facts are facts .we need to think about why there are cancer cases on rise.why Infertility on rise.why divorce rates on rise.why child abuse on rise and so on ….I don’t want to scare you all and say the world is no more a better place to stay.Now we need to self introspect and try make our inside out one .

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  4. I agree to you people who are inside out the same reflect there sound bringing up and the courage they up hold to live there lives.They are very much in peace and there positivity is reflected.

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  5. So true. Good observation of people and situations. It makes me think how important good parenting is in modern times. To make our children sensitive towards the feelings of others. Well written.

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    1. True Aparna – good parenting will be the only thing which will amke our kids stand-out to be stellar individuals – confident, caring, down-to-earth, humble…….😍👍


  6. Safe to say exceptions are there although miniscule, maybe because of genetic drift or mental strength.Character once formed in formative years cannot be changed overnight by some unforeseeable incident.

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  7. Safe to say exceptions are there although minuscule , maybe because of genetic drift or mental strength. Character once formed in formative years cannot be changed overnight by some unforeseeable incident.


  8. It has been an awesome week – with friendswriting in about different posts of mine and my aunt read thru this particular one and asked me to post on her behalf what she thought of it when she went thru:
    “History witnesses many instances like thsi one when someone tries to change somethings for the betterment of society – it is not accepted by narrow-minded people. As you are a visionary you have to be resilent. Truth always wins. As Lord Krishna put in GITA – always play your part, don’t care for results.”

    Thanks so much…for such lovely reflections….inspires me to write on!!😍


  9. Its always heartening to have people write in about my Blogs – it gives me an insight about how it touches people and if it does at all.
    My Aunt from the northern part of my country where winters tend to be pretty severe, took time out from her daily chores at home to write in this for this particular wriitng of mine:
    ” A famous saying goes -‘ a smile goes a mile away’ – this (such a ) smile when it comes from the inside, it manifests positive vibrations, fragrance and joy to the beholder.”
    Yes, definitely – for when we touch lives, we add value to our own!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!!! 😊❤


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