Our home misses you…

…and we do too!

Life goes on. Passé? Clichéd?  

Maybe. But a truism indeed.

On the flight back from down under, I wondered what I would feel as I would enter our huge house (which thankfully isn’t what we have built for that would be really silly of us to have a gigantic property for two soon to be oldies!!) with a large part of us missing and left behind in the most isolated city of the world. Somehow it seemed logical and okay after an hour into the early morning.

Life does go on.

A few years back it seemed the only thing which was constant. The fact that our son was pursuing another career, life, and way of being than what we had seen all our alive years, seemed absolutely logical and an understandable choice. Then the pandemic happened. The whole gamut of scenarios changed. The feelings changed. The perceptions changed. The outlooks changed. The understandings did too.

Years of plans got broken down into plans for today and tomorrow. Maximum.

I stopped living in the long term completely. The now made more sense.

Uncertainty took on a whole new meaning. And consistency the most obvious choice.

Amid all of this when my son flew down on a Vande Bharat flight, the naïve in us thought it was for a few months.

But two and a half years flew past us. Years which made so much more sense now than they ever could. It also helped all of us to view each day as if from afar. From another perspective as if we were viewing our own lives by jumping out of it. Every moment became so much more precious. Every instant that much more treasurable. As friends walked into our time, those times became irreplaceable. Those days and evenings outstanding in content of feelings and camaraderie.

Then all of world started to open up from behind the dreadful years of the pandemic. Shaky at first. More confident as those steps turned to runs. The inevitable happened.

The time to get back to the pre-pandemic life of new hope, one in which he would have to fly from our nest, yet again, became unavoidable. The dread changed to expectations. The fear wasn’t from the fact of a going-away but from the fear of the virus and its ruin. And the fact that there were miles of water and land and time between us made the anxiety real.

But hope is eternal. Again, Passé? Clichéd?  

Maybe. But a truism indeed.

As we stepped out and flew across waters, the familiar environments of a welcoming academic hub had us reassured.

It was like good ol’ days.

Hopefully. A silent prayer rose from my heart as I saw my son settle in yet again in contrasting times at the same university.

Back home it was routine as usual. Busy mornings. Busier days. Busiest me.

And thankfully so. The thumping of my munchkins made it abundantly clear that at least these nine furry balls had not approved of an empty home. One person away was bearable. All three missing? Unpardonable!

Floating through a normal day makes me look at our home wistfully. It becomes a ‘home’ due to innumerable reasons and people. It converts into your nerve center and your soul due to the incredibleness of its residents.

I looked around and realized that a little of that soul, was missing because one of its prized residents was far away in another land. I decided to send him some love and warm wishes through those smalls nooks and corners which miss him and await his return.

To let you know that every horizon beckons and beyond all reality is an unexplored excitable sunrise which will let you soar higher yet keep you grounded to your roots!
Take heart in the fact that home awaits you and let’s you know that we have your back – secure, always!
Of the many things which miss you…this one in particular sends out the loudest shout-out to you. “Lounge on“, it says, “but keep it in check, for I have your back & **m but you are made for bigger and sterner stuff!”
Couldn’t have put it in a better way than this – remember that these are the places with people in it who will always be there to help, even if you harsh-land!
Some favourites should always stay behind to beckon you to strive to get back to them as soon as you are on road to achievement!

The hearty crop of Passion fruits thrive on in gay abandon so that the prolific crop will be in-plenty as you steer back to it soon!

And not to forget that it gives a vital lesson in its very existence: Do not be fooled by its appearance – a shrivelled look means a highly ripened, sweet fruit pulp, so appearances can be deceptive; steer clear of all that looks glossy & unreal!
Those ‘feathered rats’ who squawk and create a ruckus, now and then but who always brought out the best in you.

Their eagerness to regale in life itself with living each day as it comes yet with a discerningly, accurate routine to it has lessons which need to be taken.

Keep your focus, take each day as it comes, enjoy your moment as a person, live your life with a method in each moment for life can be made predictable yet exciting like your ‘feathered rats’.

You know how there’s never a dull moment with them……
…Like this loner who has decided that being on my own is the ‘thing’ for me – charting my own course, living on my own terms, enjoying my days (@work!) yet surrounded by my kind is my path! Does it sound familiar??

Our latest ‘break-out’ guy – we have occupied our one-bedroom apartment just yesterday; and we are enjoying it too!
Oh to freedom and space!
From those with whom a large part of your heart has stayed behind…..come back when you want to, to do just this – Stretch out, relax and do nothing for a while!
To let you know that the fire’s a smouldering and kept alive and warm for you to walk back into its warmth and deliciousness as tandoori nights melt away into dawn……
For those homely moments of laid back solitude as make-shift gives way to more concrete living – branching out from student to grown-up in a few steps.
Reminder about our system in the madness!
To let you know that every phase has its challenges and milestones, remember to keep the focus and not get overwhelmed by any of those….so like the seasonal burst of colour and sparkle amidst an everyday lawn, it is always up to us to either make such moments seem like weeds or carefully curated additions to our collections! The choice will always be there and yours to take!
Our latest additions, as I flew in yesterday, was this cutest Mommy Birdie setting up her nest close to your ‘winged rats’ – the Turkeys making it her home for her three off-springs……the rustle of activity prompted the little ones, lying in wait for their Mom, to expectantly look up for what may be on offer, this evening.

I thought it was symbolical of how we had you in our nest and have made you competent enough to fly out and search for greener and more abundant pastures for yourself as you continue to know that along with the home, we look forward to seeing you again – soon!
There is eternal HOPE within and around us and beauty in small things and ordinary lives too…..We must just know what we are looking for and be clear what paths we need to follow to get closest to it….Survival and living are two different things.
We are alive in both but we enjoy more in the latter.

To remind you that despite it all there is always another day, another chance and another lily!!
(Remember, Brownie nibbled it off just before you left, well we have more thriving again but they’ve cleverly decided to do so on the other side of the fence to escape the naughty munchkins!) Lessons of smartness from the lilies too, huh? I guess so!

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