A Few things which have stayed with me!


Where do I begin? There have been so many things and places and books and people and moments which/who have stayed with me that when I think of writing about this, it is most exciting. Again, where do I begin? What do I choose?

To make things easier for myself, I closed my eyes and decided that whatever came first from my memory will be what I shall start with, in this piece of mine.

And somehow, I got multiple images which seemed random at first: Driving the car; on the ferry over the Brahmaputra; a school flag in my hand; changing behind the stage and gasps; throwing a Frisbee.

A smile danced on my lips, and I connected the dots. What an amazing time we had while my father was posted in Assam. A small seemingly innocuous town called Tezpur. A huge mighty river flowing right around it – the Brahmaputra. A culture which was till then not known to me except from Mom’s descriptions and anecdotes as she was born and bought up in Shillong. And us, all ready to take on the challenge of a new posting.

While many others lamented and portrayed it to be something to mope about as a punishment posting, we all embraced it with enthusiasm and looked forward to our time there. And so true this thought was to be on hindsight.

Of blossoming memories and moments gone by……

To be continued………….

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