A million hopes, one valiant effort!

When things start with out a warning the outcomes aren’t often looked too far into the future. When passions become a hobby, the limitlessness of scenarios is baffling.

One small start. One day in an event. One afternoon with the maestro. A few rounds of bullets. Passion took on another meaning altogether suddenly.

The hard work and the endless rounds of practice. The days of honing the right skills. All this juxtaposed against others years of toil. Yet the spirits stayed high and the hopes shone a million times brighter.

One step at a time. One event taken slowly at a time. Gaining in confidence yet with butterflies in his stomach. Staying strong with a resolve for achieving the difficult, not an impossible.

Then reaching a milestone. A personal best. Defying theoretical logic because passion = hobby = sport. Proving to himself and all around that effort and hard work are second to none. And mixing passion with this results in a heady concoction of triumph. May not be in medals and ranks but in personal milestones and feel good factors, all essential ingredients for making life worthwhile!!!

His coach tagging the competitor number to his jersey….. my young son left us all proud for the fight and his valiant personal best!
A first in just a few months of practice- reaching the nationals of the shooting competition and achieving milestones which make us all proud!! Way to go!!!

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