There is a ‘N’ in……..Noteworthy, Nostalgia, & Nutritious……………………..….As also in day 14 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

With travel and economy and the world reeling under the weight of the deadly virus, the heart, looking for utopia is but natural. Creating those places of love and care and those personal happy niches where one can find peace and solitude is the new craving. The talk of a ‘pandemic fatigue’ are new vocabulary additions. And all a state of a perturbed, nervous mind. In times which require more fortitude, greater understanding, and a balanced resilience we are letting our emotions rule our mind. Acting in the perspective of the greater good and keeping the future and long-term necessities in mind should be the need of the hour.

A day out can be avoided.

A dinner date can be postponed.

An event can be rescheduled.

A visit to your favorite store can be sidestepped.

But the knock of the deadly virus and its deadlier reach will not miss you amidst such disdain. It is remarkable how as a human race we tend to throw all caution to the wind especially when self-discipline is the most important requirement. Life must go on, darhlings – no doubt but for it to go on, it must be there. Isn’t it?

View your life in wide-angle, stitching together moments of cheer and view your days as a blessings = the boredom of a playful mind shall be at ease……The amazingly beautiful Niagara falls!!

I search for my ideal abode within my home. I look for means to keep myself occupied within my free time. I keep my sanity despite the stupidity around. My oasis is made livable due to people who keep their rationality caps on. I create my Neverland amid the chaos.

The @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021 has been fun – writing this whole month till now. With my additional work of an odd workshop for a friend, penning my stories for my short story collection, designing a curriculum I am so passionate about, reading, enjoying my time with my munchkins, squeezing in my kitchen work & household work, ordering, and stocking my larder, planning for the day ahead to be smooth, a once-in-a-while phone call to friend and it is time to sleep. Where is the time to get bored and want to roam the streets or have unnecessary get-togethers or want a few days off from routine life? Pre-covid, I cherished my vacations to my dad’s home and an on-the-way holiday break at my son’s university town. But when I know that that option is closed for some time, it is but natural that my mind thinks up of ways to make my soul happy and contented. The power of our minds is a force most of us do not tap into. Fighting the dispiriting thoughts and pushing the cheerlessness of a situation away from us can easily be done with our powerful mind. You are as weak or strong as you think you are. See ‘think’! And one uses the ‘mind’ as the instrument to do the thinking. No rocket science here.

The Natural History Museum, Washington – a treasure house of history about everything. When we visited it, we saw children from schools and parents with kids bringing them over for a weekend well spent. A shinning stellar example that when shown with displays so amazing and researched well – the learnings are immense!

Our neverland exists inside of us and within our being. Whatever happens is meant to be. The unfolding of the events of any day are pre-destined to happen like clockwork, it is our skill how we deal with it. Every problem opens a new opportunity and every solution which we devise makes our belief in ourselves stronger. Be yourself and learn to respect your existence. The world is but a stage and the play called life enacts itself. Start looking for the fantasy in your role here.

Things get easy after that.

Celebrate people around you – it is blissful.

Within minutes of this conversation I was asking for an introduction and a connect. Needless to add that my meeting and subsequent association with Ms. Neha Mathur, Programme Head – Bright Spark Education of Youngistaan Foundation ( has been extremely rewarding and is based on a genuine appreciation of her selfless and committed work.

Ms. Neha Mathur at her “Learning Hub” where she says, “I spent so much time during the pandemic in my study either at my desk or at my ‘learning hub’ – my little corner where I brainstorm, ideate, and literally pin up ideas for future referral.” From my Blog:

Excerpts from my Book: The Deccan Trailblazers – Education Icons of Hyderabad and my Blog series: Down Memory lane

My first book was a wonderful exploration of my equations with people and when I started to meet them, it was so fascinating to understand each of them from a perspective never seen before.
And my second book in which I journeyed beyond friendships to explore through the eyes of old and new friends what the education field offered and how. After three decades in the profession of teaching kids, grooming them and exploring the subjects with them, innovating and training teachers and grooming future leaders, it was a befitting tribute to those soldiers who often are neglected and not spoken of: The Teachers themsleves. The unedited and honest views expressed were printed in black n white and can be used as a ready reference by educators. You will find motivating views and innovative thoughts apart from tangible facts.

Delete toxicity – it is cathartic.

Enjoy the moment in the present – it is called being alive.

Smile often – it is an antidote to the venom outside.

Let-go of the unimportant – it is a trivial part of your existence, anyways.

Look for the happiness you seek, within – it is your hold over the powerful mind.

Differentiate between desire and need – it is always enough, what you already have.

Have a large, thankful heart – it is lifesaving if it beats well!

Find your Neverland in your own world – it is your discovery to make.

Of course there is New Zealand – my home away home!

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

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