There is a ‘K’ in……..Keen, Knowledgeable, & Kaleidoscope……………………..….As also in day 11 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

I have always loved the imagery which writers bring forth in their writing. It is vivid and transports you to the place/era/moment that they have created in their plot. My imagination skills help me visualize the whole bigger picture and then there is no looking back. The whole story comes alive. The kaleidoscope of imagery!! I try doing a lot of that in my writing too and use my own pictures from my huge collection to convey what I feel. And believe me I always find something which helps me convey what I feel at that moment. Then there is that amazing mood which gets a huge lift because you have remembered that twinkling flash when and what and when of that picture.

An evening with friends spent well and on a lighter note, the story plot was found that evening……Sketches and story both my imagination

Characters of stories most oft find the beginnings in real people around us…….and so did ‘Nimi’ here!

‘Nimi’ – someone from real life? Cannot be! Well, that is what writing is all about…..imagination running wild!

Moments, situations, people, some good writing, a dash of fun and humor, (and like here) a bit of innovative sketching too by the writer and we have a nice read!

And the saga continues…..finding magic in everything around me!

And you can find his music here: The Anchor Music

Pictures like stories are huge conversation starters too. While sieving thru my collection, I had long entertaining conversations with my son and hubby about several folders. Needless to add that a dispute arose about the ‘photographer’ of those photographs which were remarkable. Each of us claimed ownership of those. Seeing my father chronicle our childhood so beautifully, I love taking photographs too. I may not be the ‘professional picture perfect’ type of a photographer but I have recorded our trips with a journalistic fortitude and a keenness which many cannot match.

My love for music is simplistic. Anything which is melodious, has meaning, soothing to hear is my type. For my son, the raps and all things Gen X are in. For hubby dearest it is the oldies which hit the right cord. Each of them loves their music enough to tolerate two earpieces constantly on/in their ears as we travel. I listen to the sounds of travel. Yet the love for music translates into a wonderful hobby for my son and he plays his keyboard well.

People should remember us through our actions and our thought processes. Money is temporary. Fame is short-lived. Desires just a mirage. Reputation often subjective. Myths mostly rumors. Notoriety many a times a result of a scorned heart. Loyalty a mirage. Dedication a disappearing skill. Veracity never valued. One can remain in the minds of people for different reasons but most importantly should remain in their own minds true to their own convictions. I believe in living life king-size: Loving fiercely, Protecting vigorously, Working professionally, Living contentedly.

The awesome sight of the Kanchenjunga on day one of our visit to Sikkim; The well-fed kangaroo who couldn’t care less for a feed; The cutest Koalas sitting in their signature stance and perch atop a bamboo tree; The lazing Kangaroos and the keen-sighted bird keeping a watch from the gigantic pines of the Himalayas.

I reflect on my days gone by and those I wish to come in my tomorrow, and it fills me with a sense of trepidation about how I may have lived my life and how I would in the days to come. It is not death which scares me but my fretting about doing the right thing always. It may not be important to anyone, but it remains for me the crucial factor which distinguishes me from anyone else. Convictions are like an anchor which keeps us moored to reality of goodness and our unshakeable faith the buoyancy which keeps us afloat.

Keep this in mind and you have one knockout chance at life!

There is beauty everywhere around us as there is peace of mind……for both the search has to begin within us & the effort has to be just ours! The beautifully and wildly growing cosmos flowers at Kalatop, Himachal Pradesh (

The Kalatop Forest rest house (My photograph); The Guest House pictures from the internet; the tall majestic pines, thick and stately with the lovely winter sun shinning thru (my photographs); the lovely morning environs at Kalatop.

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

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