Moments in time….a pictorial journey remembering loads of stuff!

Journeys are always important because they teach us so much. They also keep us grounded and in touch with our souls. Every passing year that I survive on this planet, I remember my past for all those wonderful times, instances, occasions, phases – which have gone into making my time on planet Earth as ME!

Each of these has spelt a better, wiser ME, it has also meant a more appreciative and grateful ME. It has been an ordinary life, lived extraordinarily!

One Christmas in my city with friends – when going out was not scary and friends could meet without virus blues!
When travelling was a way of life and I knew I could be with my father whenever I wanted – I miss that freedom of choice now!
When my travel baggie would be dusted and readied every two to three months and each trip would make it heavier by a souvenir hanging on to it for dear life!
When my wandering feet would not stop…..
And also when indulging in a lovely desert in my favorite holiday spot was not just a memory but doable!
Hi Black Swan! I miss meeting you whenever I wanted……the beautiful environments of the lake front, I would sit there for hours as my son would be busy in his lectures – pure bliss!

Lovely memories of baking done with children, for children during Christmas – if only those times would come back soon!!

My simple yet effective teaching ideas have come from a mind set created by some extraordinary teachers who taught us effortlessly )or so it seemed) but effectively. I cannot forget the lessons on the historical monuments of our country nor the geography lessons on the toposheet or it’s related practical (can do a plain table survey on my own even today!) and cannot forget the awesome schools which gave us the most rewarding and relaxed environments to grow up in – complete with humor and drama and chaos and ample opportunities to learn.

Oh yes! I am waiting too, dear Seagulls and Henry, the Tuatara and Yes! lets look in all directions for the stormy pandemic laden times to pass off soon – we are keeping a close watch!

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