Walking down those paths again…..

Nostalgia is something which transports me into another world back in time. It also makes me wish that I could go back into those wonderful years and relive those moments again. Pictures taken then and printed and put into albums are like time machines which take us to that place and time and memories which are unforgettable.

With Down Memory Lane I am traversing those memory pathways, recollecting, reliving, and recalling my reasons for meeting, my continuing associations, and my reasons for loving and respecting all those amazing people. As I write in again about yet another person and put another post together, I thought doing a bit of recollecting about my personal journey may be in order too.

Years back in Horsley Hills, Chittoor district when our state was one and vast and we were posted in Tirupati…..The jacket is with ‘lambada’ embroidery which I learnt from the lambada ladies itself and have done it myself. Have this wonderful piece with me still!!
Circa 1995
An India- New Zealand series match in Hyderabad and my son gets to meet his cricketing hero and spend an entire evening with him. He told Mr. Dhoni that he cannot decide who to support: “Him or the NZ!”
Mr. Dhoni asked him quizzically why that dilemma.
To which my son replied: “Sir because I am your huge fan but my grandfather stays in NZ and that’s a country I love very much too.”
The thorough gentleman that Mr. Dhoni is, he replied: “No worries, you support us both for NZ is a wonderful playing side too.”
Thank you to our dear friend Mr. Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City for making this dream come true for my son and in the bargain make such wonderful memories for him, forever!
This is how my son was welcomed when I reached back to Elluru after three months of my delivery from New Delhi…..the love and affection showered on us was overwhelming.
My husband of Superintendent of Police (SP) of this district at that time.
Aha! The love for animals was there since he was little. Anything on four legs was given an introduction thus: “Hi Yakki (Since this was the Himalayan Yak), how are you? This is baby”. And we always called ourselves “baby”!!
At two years old, in Shimla as my husband trained for a trainers-of trainer course which subsequently led us to some of the most beautiful locales in Europe and UK.
Festivals and my rangolis – love doing the flower ones which always dress up the festive mood further!
One Diwali in our old residence!
Oh lovely those delightful old time cinema kaleidoscopes …this one at Dilli Haat, New Delhi on one winter evening many moons ago!
To times when even the birds found making their nests in our balconies normal because they were still around in our urban landscapes.
This little one had made its abode under the bougainvillea plant and we even had a couple of chicks which grew up and then flew away!
When travelling to this one magical place which I call home was taken for granted and we never thought that there would come one time when all borders around the world will be shut down……Unthinkable then, Unbelievable now!

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