Wishes for those who make your world a better place to be!

 What can I possibly wish for those who give me happiness by being mine?
 Impossible to ever forget or let go or disregard their importance in every breadth that I take!
 Simply stated they make up the bedrock of our existence in this world, isn’t it?
 How amazing that their presence lights up our days and makes everything worth it after all?
 Especially when sometimes we may end up their being there for us for granted?
 Self-effacingly I acknowledge their impact on my life and the meaning they impart to every action and reaction I may have or do with them around! 
When some moments re-enter our lives after several years – like this one when my son was with us after many years on his birthday – every minute we spent or whatever I planned for him seemed so much new and different. It made sense to bake a cake after many days – a pineapple cream and a layered chocolate ganache one – a midnight cake cutting added to the fun and of course the gift hamper he always waits for………(The ‘Happy Birthday’ cake décor is courtesy my friend who baked this lovely red velvet cake for me on my birthday earlier this month – Thanks everyone who matter so much in my life!!)

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