Finding myself within me….

Who am I, I tend to wonder as I see a reflection.
Is it the girl or the rebel or both in that image I see?
Maybe there is more to the image I look upon with affection.
And then I decide to decompartmentalize ME!

We all are who we have been before we became wise,
We all are products of the times which have long gone by and past,
It is always true that we all wanted to touch the skies,
Reach out and make the world our canvas unsurpassed.

Each of us has succeeded and none can be said to have failed,
For everyone has won some battle and adjusted and taken on a role,
Everything was always detailed,
Who knew that when we started young for we thought we had the control.

Over what we felt and how we reacted,
Never over what the environment had in store,
Our conduct defined how impacted
Our own lives would be from land to shore.

The twenties defined what we were made off,
The next decade saw us achieve some of the golden dreams,
It did not matter before  the fortieth decade take-off
Whether or not our lives followed any schemes.

Each of us got busy living the life of our realities,
In a world wherein real and fantasy got blurred,
Yet none of us went unscathed from the externalities,
And none of the cacophony went unheard.

The wrong side of forty is seen as wise,
Not when the previous decades have taught you lessons,
And throwing caution to the wind helps you to surprise,
Life which thinks of the routine while you are full of questions.

The mid-life crises is over-rated and worn out,
Most of us discover our subtle and the wild together,
Wisdom is not connect to a tooth or a pout,
It comes from absorbing life's lessons and its treasures.

Beyond the fifties, it just fun all the way,
For those who need to, take you seriously enough,
While the others do not matter to you nor your greys,
And getting nicknames is interesting especially if it includes 'tough'.

Good judgement comes with age they say,
I doubt it does for when I look at my life in reverse,
The mistakes made are the ones which help me learn till today,
Making my experiences diverse.

Gathering some prudence and sagacity along the way,
Looks on your resume of life dear friends,
But do not burden your emotional tray,
For living life is about enjoying the odds and ends!

Find yourselves within your own boundaries,
There isn't anything which should hinder your inner peace,
For let all the years be remembered as precious memories,
It takes only us to make our lives a masterpiece!!!


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