Some tributes…..

It is fun to do things differently. It is amusing to look at others from an entirely opposite spectrum. With many occurrences happening on a daily basis from a virus to a sensational filmy case to ordinary affairs like waking up and living regular lives to online teaching and dispersing of knowledge through jargon laden webinars, I found myself announcing my next book. And within days we landed on today: 5 September 2020 – a day I looked forward to under normal circumstances when I was in a conventional professional environment.

After a hiatus of a couple of years, many full moon nights as an author and many other doing things my way, at my pace there is another kind of wisdom that dawns on you. The perspective of perceiving things changes completely.

I would on Teacher’s Day (as today is celebrated in India) always want to remember people who taught me values and nuances and meaning and ethics about the profession I so love being in. It was surprising how being out of it briefly, wants me to do it differently this year. I am sure many would agree.

Actually, today wants me to thank them all, no doubt but before them all those who laid such a startlingly negative and off-putting example in my career and life that I knew forever, that this was not what I want to be. Ever! And made me more resolved and more committed to good practices, ethical routines, honest feedbacks, principled procedures, and upright dignity.

If these guys had not been there, I would not have fought so fiercely for rights of teachers, would not have shown the way bright with making my classrooms amazing learning centers, would not have tried to seriously put good practices in place in institutions in spite of ridicule and resistance, would not have made my work in every institution seem as if I had a personal stake in that organisation, though I only took a salary, would not have made this awesome galaxy of a following of some wonderful people who remembered me beyond my tenures, would not have been able to hear today that among-st many I am considered a ‘legend’ (wow!), would not have had an innocuous post by a veterinarian doctor in his group, lead to a dozen messages from my students saying that they felt proud that I was their teacher when they heard about my gesture to the Government veterinary hospital.

My list is long and satisfying. It is adverse circumstances and antagonistic individuals and undesirable systems which define you. Like they say if you never had a chance to default or get away with any wrongdoing, how can it be known that you never will.

Oh! And people left my journey strewn with such negating, antithetical, often hostile chances, always wishing for me to trip. Their each such action made me a better individual. Every time!

My tributes to all those innumerable individuals who made me want to be a better person because I was sure I did not want to be like them. Happy Teachers Day!

Infinite tributes, as usual to all those who made me strong enough to identify this decadence and steer clear of it always! An incredibly Happy Teachers Day!!

Some shadows like reflections offer an eye-opening perception and not always do they stay behind us like this one as a day drew to a close and I remembered both and their effects on my life as an educator!
Loved it that I always had a sane head which helped me keep the focus – made my journey beautiful and enchanting!

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