I have often dreamt of places, I have read about. When travel and means did not match, I wondered what they would all be like. When the avenues opened and the world seemed like my own palette, I found myself devouring all I saw and heard and felt with an enthusiasm which went beyond words.

It was during these times that the significance of many things dawned on me.

For one, the importance of the word: WHEN.

It gained gigantic & incalculable importance now in 2020. Being self-explanatory, I wish to not write much on its significance, for the last few months have made us realize the worth of many things and the implication of ‘when’ can now, for posterity never again be discounted.

When moments which you earlier thought were ordinary become extraordinary due to circumstances beyond one’s control……then mundane starts to carry another meaning all-together! Through the looking….oops! nee through my laced windows, the pitter-patter of rain-drops assumes an epic musical connotation.
When rains make every sight magical and every plant a delight to behold…….……..then the mystic of the monsoons of our country assumes a new enchanting interpretation!
When seeing things from near or far isn’t important but viewing what is more relevant and keeping the focus remains crucial…..then photography done for fun makes you learn so much more and pictures reveal more than what a million words ever would!
When reaching out from my reading room window, I can touch nature itself….then bliss assumes another nuance, another implication; I call it: Happiness!

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