I target to get to the heart of it all!

When we look to be real and AUTHENTIC,
We know the hearts are being touched & BUOYED,
As the feelings are of joy and CHEER,
For who, does not like to love and be DEAR,
I think there is no big science in being cherished and EXTRAORDINARY,
It is all in the singular ability to be FASCINATING,
Remember anyone can do but to GLADDEN,
The mood and could make someone HAPPY,
Is an art I love to try with INDULGENCE,
For what better way to be near someone but with JOY,
As I have never found that KINDNESS
Does not melt even the most LACK-LUSTER,
And cynical being into being MAGNETIZED,
By acts of thoughtfulness which help to NAVIGATE,
This often un-pardoning world which can get OFFENSIVE,
And mean and berating so without sounding PATRONIZING,
And condescending, we can through sometimes our QUIRKINESS,
Sometimes through REALISTIC
Approaches can make others feel less SECLUDED,
From emotions and harshness and TOUCH
Their lives in many UNIQUE
Ways so that each moment can be VALUABLE
While the XENIAL
Relationship can always YIELD
To each other having an association which is ZESTFUL!!!
The attempt at making someone feel special and happy cannot be half-hearted – do not do that ever for it will leave you feeling inadequate yourself!
The lovely blooms in Queens-park!
Even if it means going out of the way – do it whole-heartedly and with total commitment – why do something for someone if you don’t mean it?
I keep baking and do things for everyone on impulse – the results are always staggering – the happiness gets multiplied.
Caring always heals – not just the broken soul but YOU as well for somehow you will always feel more complete more useful, more valuable!

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