Why I am Free!

  I learnt and studied,
I enjoyed my days in school,
I remembered what was taught to me
I remain grateful to my teachers till today.
That is why I am free!
I roamed the country,
I made friends and loved their company,
I saw no one’s religion, nor surname,
I made acquaintances based on attitude & nature instead.
That’s why I am free!
I became a teacher out of a choice,
I stayed committed to making a difference
For every child, every chapter, every concept,
I continue to value my ethics even if no one else does.
That’s why I am free!
I have lived in a country which has hundreds of languages,
Innumerable customs and ways of praying,
It gives me choice & voice even in my dissent,
I can express my angst, my anger, my love for it without fear.
That’s why I am free!

I love, work, stay committed with a fiery passion,
My family are my friends & friends become family,
I wear my heart on my sleeve & have an opinion,
I still find genuineness amid the chaos.
That’s why I am free!
Fun and relaxing – baking, decorating – therapeutic!
Love the diversity in baking, deciding the designs impromptu, blueberry filled or plain – exactly like my country, all kinds of textures and layers in thoughts & people alike!
I celebrate being an Indian every day – the diversity is unique so like my icing designs but inside we are all the same (or aren’t we?) – passionate about everything.
I am and feel that’s a very Indian quality – feel more, see more, care more – old world?
Maybe! Who cares!!
…….with flaws, problems, wondrous things, exotic places (not looked after well, maybe), hope for the future, there’s freedom to be myself – Love my Tri-colour, love my country for it allows me to be

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