The Write Path – sneaking up on 20 July 2019 – The Real HEROES!

“A real Hero is one who does things by being exactly who they are rather than trying to be someone who they aren’t”.

And the following people have been just that for me! My real friends – my HEROES!

  All around me I find a circle of Friendship,
With Maitri being there at every step of my book,
Never felt that there was no Light,
With Deepika applauding my every move,
The fatigue never set with the Sweet Honey,
With Madhavi admiring all that I did,
All my moves and observations were Witnessed,
With Sakshi whose comic reflections were a relief,
As I moved from March to June the Seasons changed
With Ritu expressing her feelings lucidly,
Along the making of the book there was a Desire,
With Kamna pitching in with admiration for me,
Much like the brightly shinning Full Moon,
With Poonam my journey was illuminated from before,
It continued to be miraculous like a Prayer,
With Pooja plunging-in at a vital point,
In a garden full of countless Flowers,
With Suma it was always loads of appreciation,
All the while the camaraderie of Younger minds,
With Anuja completing the circle of chirpiness,
While the unbelievable Wealth of respect,
With Dhanu whose tremendous cheer was infectious,
And then its was all crystal clear in black & White,
With Swetha who was always convinced I could not go wrong!!

Journeys become more worth-the-while when your company uplifts you -emotionally, rationally & with sagaciousness.

3 thoughts on “The Write Path – sneaking up on 20 July 2019 – The Real HEROES!

  1. Thank you so much Mam😊 We all get the same inspiration from you. You are the real hero.🌸


  2. Awww love ya mam 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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