Class of 2018 – the Promise of Youth!

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins” – one child at a time, our future takes shape!

The chirpy laughter, the giggles, the naughty observations, the delirious gawks, the happy hugs, the incessant chatter – I saw my class of 2018 and was convinced that getting them together was a great decision after all.

The days of school, friendship and camaraderie would never come back and it was these life long friendships which endured! With their busy routines and the rush of career planning ahead of them, I had finally managed to get my naughty, chirpy batch together. And here they were letting their hair down, joking and connecting and renewing their friendships, yet again.

Laughing, giggling – drama in everything we do!

I love to make memories which remain as a wonderful reminder of the happy times together. Its was a joy as the bubbly lot enjoyed and giggled and tik-tok’ed and pubgy-ied and took forever to order food and then took selffies and spoke loudly and then did not want to leave at all!!

….we took forever to stand in a line!
We wanted everything to be done perfectly!
The boys, as usual, wanted to do things differently!
Girls will be girls!!!

But we did eventually get back home though not after deciding to meet again soon, as a routine and promised to stay in touch forever!

Special friendships for life – is there anything else worth living for?

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