The Power of NO!

Never to be underestimated,
Not to be over-used,
But whenever it is stated
Its power cannot be excused.
Use it, to get back
Your peace of mind,
It can always be a fallback
To tell permission declined!
Learn to stand up
And assert emphatically
That it is bad-luck,
Boss, to ignore the approaching calamity!
The power of NO,
Is for everyone,
Outdated mindsets to overthrow,
Thru confident actions one by one!
It shall always work,
Only when you declare,
And leave your signature mark,
With a ‘NO’ which sends a message: “Beware”!
Let the boundaries be known….everyone and everything in this world has its limits – so does your endurance!
Our Life path was never said to be easy but its nothing which isn’t doable – take the sun, the shade, the dense undergrowth, the peeping sky, the towering trees, the dangerous beings, the benign ones – all in your stride………………..for they make it all the more worth-the-while!!!
Soldier on, my friends, for the power to heal ourselves, prove ourselves and redeem ourselves is within us – keep climbing greater heights of self-belief, one branch of challenge at a time and flower with internal happiness along the way, giving others hope as well!
Blow the dandelion of self-doubt away and make a wish of promise to yourself that with the ‘Power of No’, you shall assert to yourself, before you do to others that your self-worth is priceless!!
Once you do that the illumination from within shall dispel the darkness of negative thoughts….try it friends, look within!

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