Benefits of being Unemployed!

I often wondered what it would be like to be unemployed. It’s happened before and always, it was by choice. The fun side of sitting at home and having time to kill, to think, to waste and to analyse is that one becomes very productive with one’s writing.

Well, at least I do. And am loving it. Apart from my big project of my coffeetabler which is in the making and is turning out to be one magnithralnique journey (magnithralnique = magnificent + enthralling + unique)!! I’ve found time to get inspired to pick-up my pen and express my thoughts through my Blogs.

My most recent one on People’s Mirage and with my coined term: “Mirage Personas” has by far received the largest amount of love and thumbs up from everyone. (Thank you everyone!) Some would think I just got it one fine day. So, it is not. As I mentioned in my Blog itself, the last part of the past year had me experience experiences which I had not been prepared for. Then recently I read, as I was browsing away (again the advantage of being out of work) that the “thing and situations are as usual, we get disturbed/perturbed/upset or whatever because we had imagined differently.” (Somewhere, I might have put my own words in the quote, but it surely meant this!)

This led me to my term: “Mirage Personas” – people were just being themselves, only I had imagined otherwise, so was caught off-guard. Big deal!?!

Then came in the humour of it all. No wonder my reactions had the people in front, look at me incredulously with an expression which always said – ‘Boss, this is/was me – what’s your problem?’

And I thought the world was becoming crazier. Maybe it is, in some degrees, but then evolution must happen. From the wired contraption which refused to move out of our dinning room side-boards, we have graduated nee evolved to phones which now talk to us and tell us unabashedly that: “Sorry I don’t understand what you mean”! And in accented English too.

If that’s not evolution, then what is? So, if the world has evolved from simple to crazy, life from slow to fast and people from real to mirage personas – so what? Big deal!?!

We have evolved.

Yet, please folks, let’s not bring in our halo hats, our righteous expressions, our told-you-so’s, for the arguments can go on. But I’m in a hurry to bring in my baking, thus I shall dwell on this another time, in another Blog.

In the afternoons, as I get exhausted from hours at my desk, writing about the Education Icons for my coffeetabler who I have already met, I move to my kitchen to create something which helps me rejuvenate my grey cells.

I baked almond-oats-wheat cracked cupcakes on one day (a long standing demand from hubby dearest), baked decadent melted chocolate- tropical fruit muffins on another, I even iced my devils food cake cupcakes in myriad colours on another (I again use this word – I seem to love it!) and then today I baked rice flour -almond – lemon cookies which classify into something which has ‘evolved’ to be called: Super foods! (As they are devoid of egg, wheat and are thus great for gluten intolerance)

As I was about to pop my last batch of these rice flour -almond – lemon cookies into the oven – it struck me like the centigrade of the oven (not any lightening) that it’ll be fun to classify people according to food as well.

Apart from being yummy, it’ll be lighter on your tummies and calories because you shall be seeing my yummily creations without really sampling them, thus avoiding the ‘evolved’ weight gainers too!

Picture 1 – Kalakand: an Indian sweet made from milk which is reduced over low fire, lightly sweetened and then flavoured with cardamom and decorated with almonds and pistachios.

Picture 1 persona – Always-as-perceived-no-disappointment types – like the Kalakand itself which looks always what it is: delicious, sweet, soul-food – these people are what they come across as in your first meeting – cute, sweet, generous, will-be-there kind of people

Picture 2 – Coffee: a universal drink with many variants, always a mood-lifter

Picture 2 persona – Aha-can-do-more-silly things together kind of persona – like the Coffee itself made with froth, cheeky designs but full on taste & perks up the mood – these people lift your spirits, however, down you may be, are optimists, listeners, cool cats’ kind of people.

Picture 3 – Oats, cracked Wheat & Almonds cupcakes – a cupcake variant in which I used vegetable oil, raw cane sugar along with multi grain oats, cracked wheat (dalia) and ground almonds.
(its there in the cute green bowl; the rest of it is my coffee-table book work!)

Picture 3 persona – Definite go-getters with that quirky, hidden fun side-inside kind of persona – like my Oats, cracked Wheat & Almonds cupcakes with a hidden hint of almonds and that fun crackling, crunch in every bite – these people just get things done with a snap of fingers efficiency & make the process fun too.

Picture 4 – Rice flour & Almond Lemon cookies: made with granulated rice flour, almonds, very little rice oil, a hint of lemon zest & juice, devoid of egg, wheat – friendly on the stomachs of the gluten intolerant too

Picture 4 persona – Looks-can-be-deceptive yet dependable, you know what-to-expect type of persona – like my Rice flour & Almond Lemon cookies which look like the normal cookies but are crunchier due to the rice flour, tangy due to the lemon and have an earthy sweetness to them due to the raw cane sugar, all making my next bite so unexpected – these people come packaged as something else & then surprise you with their earthiness & raw purity.

Picture 5 – Banana Dolphins: made with bananas and grapes and fun blue jelly (not my creation but some enterprising young one’s at a Harvest Fair in Riverton, Invercargill

Picture 5 persona – Fun loving, playful and ready for any kind of action/work type of persona – like the Banana dolphins which look so amazingly real and ready to jump out of the plate to have fun – these people are always smiling, happy-go-lucky, chilled out and ready for anything, any kind of work – type of people.

Picture 6 – Gujiya: an Indian sweet made from milk khoya (reduced milk), coconut, dry fruits, sugar in a crunchy wheat flour casing

Picture 6 persona – Tough exterior but soft and sweet on the inside type of persona – like these home-made baked Gujiyas which seem tough to bite into but reveal a lovely, delicately fragrant mixture inside – these people seem business like and no-nonsense types, but close working environments reveal their sensitive, cute, caring side.

Picture 7 – stage 1
Picture 7 – stage 2 – Devil’s Food cake chocolate iced cupcakes: my signature ware made from olive oil, raw cane sugar, wheat flour, eggs, lots and lots of chocolate laced with strong black coffee

Picture 7 persona – Packaged completely from head-to-toe, smart, worldly-wise, never anything out of place type personas – like my Devil’s Food cake chocolate iced cupcakes which look gorgeous on the outside and are equally delightful in each bite – these people seem as if always right out of a grooming facility, are good at conversations, with impeccable mannerisms.

Picture 8 – Pizza: made from rice flour, potato starch, rice oil and tofu proven till it rises and baked with tomato sauces & vegetables topped with yummy cheese

Picture 8 persona – Enchanting and charming, quite down-to-earth type of personas – like my Pizza which looks appetising and tastes equally scrumptious, nothing hidden within it – these people are outright influencers and their charm is infectious and mood uplifting all at once.

Picture 9 – Ice Cream Cake: made with soft Victoria sponge cake topped with frozen fresh fruit, whipped fresh cream along with ice cream drizzled with decadent melted chocolate

Picture 9 persona – Adorable and endearing with a lovable smile and sincere laughter type of persona – like my Ice Cream Cake which looks mouth-watering and delish even without a spoonful and not disappointing at all when served either – these people easily make everyone feel special, are ready with their laughter and genuine in their expressions.

Picture 10 – Coffee-meringue pie: made with crushed marie biscuits, delicious chocolate sauce topped with a coffee meringue of egg whites baked to just the right colour

Picture 10 persona – Captivating, fascinating exterior, polite with firmness & persuasiveness all-at-once type of persona – like my Coffee-meringue pie which has the right amount of crunchiness along with the coffee-bitterness balanced with the lip-smacking chocolate sauce – these people look most unapproachable, as if having a wall between themselves and the others but are affable and cordial, often gregarious kind of people.

14 thoughts on “Benefits of being Unemployed!

  1. Great mam the dolphin banana is amazing 🙄🙏

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  2. Yummy……. mouth watering creations……. zero calories!!

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  3. Great Ma’am… It’s lovely to find the inner self when we are not working … experiencing the same ….😉 have found Picasso in myself lately 😁 and I am loving it 😍😍😍 and superb pictures yum yum 😙😙😙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Send some of your creations , my way Please!! Thats fantastic!!….told you you shall feel no guilt, no calories!!👍😍

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  4. Wow mam, how nice and tasty dish is to see the water coming from the mouth is just desperate for the banana miyan tarpin, what is the matter of Gujia in the morning, it is full of love and more than your kindness.

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  5. Awesome Maam,
    The Pizza looks Yummy ☺️.

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    1. Thank you Sir. BTW which food personality do you find yourself in?


  6. Oh wow! We are in the same boat! 😊 I just wrote a post about the advantages of being unemployed too! 😁

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    1. Thanks…😊 Oh yes there are many, the best being: time for yourself and your thoughts!

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