Definitions Re-defined!

Today is World Happiness Day (I started this yesterday!) and  a message from a friend far away who has written a book on happiness (, started my what’s app day brilliantly. I remembered to send my share of happy messages to all my friends as well. I took along that feeling to a place I was visiting to meet two amazing people. Needless to add, I found my ‘happy’ in my wonderful interactions with them. The horrible traffic nor the sweltering heat could dim away the feeling as I drove back home.

As I saw my phone again, which I had not since almost three hours, due to my meeting, I saw dozens of happy return messages from everyone. Some friends who keep extremely busy, some others who have loads to worry about, others who have daily routines, some more who keep away from messaging by design, more who hadn’t been in touch for more than a month, some who always took ages to reply back – the whole assorted fabric of them had replied back with smile emoticons and return happy images and cute personal notes.

I got thinking. I reflected. I pondered. And I got down to writing. I looked at some words which I see around me every day, I recollected some others, I fished out some more and I thought I’d re-define some words as they have come to mean to mean to me, from what they do in the dictionaries.


Happy is a surprise bouquet on my birthday, from a friend who is out of town!
Happy is a refreshing cup of hot coffee when I am busy with work!
Happy is a quiet-by-myself baking session, as I bake for friends around town!
Happy is a milestone birthday or anniversary with family and close friends!
Happy is when holidays are about to begin!
Happy is a cool glass of freshly centrifugaled juice on a lazy summer afternoon!
Happy also is a yummy birthday cake, with a candle to blow and another year to look forward too!


Caring is a fresh batch of cupcakes for a mentor, as we catch up!
Caring is home-made sweets for a friend’s special day, a special moment!


Thinking is innovative techniques to bring about the best learning in classrooms!
Thinking is out-of-the-box ideas of materials to be used in interesting teaching aids!
Thinking is unique ways to make learning magical in the classrooms for the little learners!
Thinking, also is using simple but effective teaching strategies for the final outcome: Learning!


Delightful is familiar sights on holidays back home!
Delightful is home-made chocolate which turns out yum!
Delightful is hot ginger tea in earthen terracotta cups, even on a hot summer day!
Delightful is a full of fruit Apple tree in Dad’s backyard fruit garden!
Delightful is a recent image, sent by a friend, of my old favourite school!
Delightful, also is the cutest flyer ever-made, for a Massage & Hair-cutting Salon called: Yo-Bro Hair-cut by my amazing nephew, as his holidays started!


Charming is the Queen’s Park garden in full bloom with its sprawling green grass lawns and radiant tulips!
Charming is this simple but highly effective advertisement billboard!
Couldn’t have been said more appropriately!
Charming, also is this instant sketch done by my talented nephew, for he wanted me to feature his work in my new BLOG!


Fun is putting together an interesting ‘Survival Kit for Exams’ for my students!
Fun, definitely is meeting up with friends who I have known for almost a decade or more – way to go Wandering Dreamers!


Good is the feeling I experience as I walk into the room at St. Catherines’ in Perth!
Good is what I feel when something I undertake is executed well! Of course the team was great too!
Good is the time spent at my favourite party venue at the Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad with family and friends!
Good is what I feel when freshly cut vegetables lead to an exquisite dish being turned out perfectly on a Sunday morning!
(these are ingredients for a garlic chutney – an accompaniment for a mangolorian dish)
Good is when my artwork with sea-shells in Dad’s home looks lovely with the petunias alongside!
Good, definitely is when I take a sudden, unplanned trip with my husband to a monsoon soaked Kochi, Kerala!


Thoughtful is a collage of old pictures, from old times spent with my students as they get ready and jittery before an important exam!
Thoughtful is a yummy chocolate truffle cake for a friend as we meet up with friends!
Thoughtful are the meaningful comments sent in by my aunt after she reads my BLOG posts each week!
Thoughtful, also is a hurriedly russled-up cake for a friend on her anniversary as a surprise for her!


Respect is admiring the selfless and honest work of some amazing people, who I have the immense good-fortune of knowing from my journey in schools!
Respect, is also for my own self-worth and belief that my work needs no one’s approval nor endorsement except mine and my conscience!


Friendship is having some great times with friends – playing games, gossiping, sharing anecdotes and simply chilling-out, sometimes (or most of the time?) for no apparent reasons!
Friendship, definitely is sharing some elegantly put togther coffee!
(done by me at home)

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