Why just a day? I celebrate 365 days!

As messages poured in today wishing me and all of us ladies in general, it struck me how absurd it was that a species which is responsible for the perpetuation of human life form in this world should need to have just one day designated to celebrate it?

I celebrate it in my life all 365 days of the year with being myself, unabashedly, real to the core, genuine in my emotions, true in all my relationships, loving towards all who matter in my life.

I have had innumerable ladies in my life, of all ages, all of whom have influenced my thinking, my ideas, my mindset, my judgements, my faith, my deduction, my very being, by touching me in countless ways. I read somewhere recently that “we mature due to the damage, rather than the years”. This is true and I call it experience. But what I am today is the sum of all the influences of lots of people in my life, a large chunk of whom happen to be ladies.

Since I have a great and long memory, I would have been able to list out a lot of those ladies, however, in the present age of the internet playing truant, I would not want my remembrance to be a nuisance for someone. So, my golden mean is giving a tribute to all of them through the English alphabet, wherein each letter will show an attribute, strong quality and my friends whose names begin with those letters can safely assume that this is ‘the’ something, I took away from my association with them.

They are welcome to attribute to themselves any other adjective of their choice because I know that they were/are all so vivacious and so powerful as influences that their qualities can never be confined to one word!!

A – affectionate, agreeable

B – buddy, broad-minded

C – Courteous, courageous

D – diligent, diplomatic

E – empathetic, expert

F – frank, friendly

G – gregarious, generous

H – hilarious, humane

I – impartial, iconic

J – jovial, judicious

K – keen, knowledgeable

L – liberal, loving

M – meticulous, multifaceted

N – nimble, never rude

O – observant, open-minded

P – passionate, practical

Q – quick to grasp

R – rationalist, reliable

S – sociable, sincere

T – thoughtful, tranquil

U – unpretentious, unassuming

V – very lavish, very resourceful

W – warm, witty

X – xtremely kind-hearted

Y – yielding

Z – zoetic

I am like a wild flower growing as I want, where I want, growing tall or lanky, short or stout, under something, over something, in-between something – but wherever I grow I am noticed for there’s beauty and straightforwardness in my earthiness!
These wild daisies in the Dolomore Park, Gore did not escape my gaze!
Keeping the focus and the perspective on what is important is our special forte – any naysayers, keep your counsel please! You shall lose hands down!!!
The far and the near pines @ Dolomore Park, Gore.
We hardly get to laze around and rest thus – resting/napping are luxuries which none of us can think of having in our different roles as mother – wife – teacher – daughter-in-laws – friend – professional – in-house nurse/chauffeur/tutor/cook – everything rolled into one!!
The ducks tuck in for the night at Anderson Park, Invercargill, on its sprawling grounds.
Many days resemble a roller-coaster ride or a merry-go-round – all rolled into one and it isn’t for the faint-hearted, for you cannot be afraid of heights of any kind or the lows and have to get off the ride each day with a smile of a winner!
The Merry-go-round ride at Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia looked simple as a spectator but reminded me of my typical day when I was on it!!!
We are in a state of readiness at all times – gear-on, hawk-eyed, gazed fixed, ready to respond to any situation, any emergency – the small kinds like “Mom cannot find my book”, “I am hungry”, “Oh dear, I have a pimple”, “Can you let Dad know please”, the list is endless to the God forbid ones, the family ones of sick in-laws, sudden guests for dinner – we are there for everyone and have ONLY each other for ourselves!
So keep together ladies, draw strength in numbers!

The penguins at the Penguin Encounters @ Sea World, Gold Coast are ready for their dip, as if awaiting some cue!
We are so much like chocolate – we come in different flavours, each with their own unique wrapping yet all being the delight of their families and people who love them.
All my friends can easily be categorised into either a hazelnut – orange or a mocha – cream or a strawberry – almond and on and on….yummy! I love them all!
The Lindt Chocolate exclusive store in Melbourne, Australia was such a charm that deciding what goes into my assorted box took me hours!!!
We never cease to amaze all those around us, we sometimes even amaze ourselves – not surprising for we can cry and laugh at the same time, we can be tough and soft at the same time, we can be strong and feel numb at the same time, we can nap while standing and be awake at midnight
if need be, we can be what we please: the choice and power lies with us….exercise it, friends!
Believe it, its worth it!!!!
The Amaze’n Things game Park, enroute to the Penguin Parade, Phillippe Islands, Melbourne had the most impressive things for kids to explore!

5 thoughts on “Why just a day? I celebrate 365 days!

  1. I just stop at picture of lindt 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    1. HA!!!! You are several flavours rolled into one – sevral adjectives as well!!!❤😍

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  2. 😊

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  3. harshada tamhankar March 10, 2019 — 5:42 pm

    How thoughtful!!! And … Lindt 😋😋😋
    Belated Happpppy womens’ Day!!!

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    1. Oh dear…how come Lindt has become the star of this post?!!😉😂 Thanks💕 and you too!


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