Coloured attitudes of PEOPLE or Colours of HOLI?

For days now, I have been wondering what I should or what I would want to write on, in my next post. A group of friends decided to get together to meet, symbolically on International Woman’s Day to celebrate the joy of knowing each other. The common thread through all of us happened to be me – for I know all, of those of us who have decided to meet, for several years. The range of the friendship and acquaintance would be statistically between 3 – 15 years.

All of us in the group are from different backgrounds yet have decided to find common ground to connect. It may lead to great beginnings or may just be about liking each other’s company and meeting up for fun, occasionally. Spending time for oneself, with company of your choice, at a time of your convenience excites me and am hoping the others too.

With March begins spring and harvest seasons in parts of the world and my country too. With this month we have a formal launch of the first festival which is a major one amongst many others.

Holi ( symbolizes the start of many things according to traditions. But for me, it has meant the acceptance of differences amongst us and cherishing and enjoying those different attributes in each of us and how together we fit into a larger paradigm. It continues with me till today.

But sometimes I get disheartened. I get even desolate and melancholy. I think, I even over-think. After much ado, I wonder if its about nothing? Is my reaction a bit over-board? Flippant? Weird? Then I think, I over-think some more. And I arrive at my conclusion: that because it is bothering me, it means I may not be part of the larger group of mortals who see no point in being perturbed about what should be.

But since I get perturbed and dwell on it I thought I’d analyse through words and some pictures……

If I had to make a choice,
Between the (people) devil & the (holi) sea,
I would choose Holi and rejoice,
Rather than take the devil’s guarantee!
There are all kinds around,
One cannot choose at all
Except family which to you is bound,
While the rest are a crowd as at a shopping mall!
There are ones who care,
Go out of the way to show,
Their love and feelings they share,
I have met such people & they help you grow.
There are others who don’t care,
Live life for only themselves
Having no feelings to spare,
Neither for him, her or oneself.
There are more around who play
Show that they cherish you,
With feelings and try to portray,
As if you are special but never follow through.
Thus, while I have a choice,
I want to exercise my discretion,
And choose Holi in one voice,
Rather than choose the people’s expression!
I love my fellowmen, no doubt,
But cannot tolerate the turmoil
And find it wasteful trying to figure-out,
What it is they want to repair or spoil?
I choose my choice
And take the colours side,
For without a word they have a voice
That different hues can a rainbow provide!
I wonder why mankind
Does not show such magnanimity,
And why continues to be unkind
To views, differences & hurts deliberately?
Let’s be true, inside and out
Let’s be like a rainbow bright
Like a plant from a seed should sprout
And a prism splits a light which is white!
Be true on the outside,
Truer still on the inside,
Truest in all our strides,
Thus, being at all times dignified!!
These flowers bloom all around my country around this time on the festival of HOLI – in local language it is called the Palash flower or Flame of the Forest and its botanical name is Butea monosperma
My sis sketched these on her way back from school and has so effortlessly managed to bring out the simple beauty of these amazing blooms!
For me their appearance symbolizes a start – a start of good tidings, summer, a new school routine, vacations – yipee, it gets me happy!!!
I mixed up some natural colours for my hampers this HOLI – will neither pollute the environment nor harm our skin!
I got my green from HENNA (,
my blue from INDIGO (,
my yellow from TURMERIC (,
my red from RED SANDALWOOD ( all mixed with a portion of either flour or rice flour to arrive at just the right texture!!
Not to be left behind, my l’tle nephew assembled his colours too – he chose turmeric and henna!
My hampers for friends had my favourite Peacock – our National bird – which I painted in a riot of colours to signify the festival!
The delicacies are traditonal sweets made for this particular festival……
The pearls in white and gold added the required glamour note to my magnificent Peacock!
The multitude of colourful flowers from marigolds to crysanthemmums to roses in not one but several colours adds the magic to my RANGOLI (
much like each of us adds the magic to this world!

5 thoughts on “Coloured attitudes of PEOPLE or Colours of HOLI?

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  2. Very nice …..lovely rangoli🤩🤩🤩

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  3. harshada tamhankar March 6, 2019 — 6:46 pm

    Really nice ma’am!

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